Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ensnared Excerpt and Happy Fourth of July!

Things have been quiet on my blog because I've been working hard on my Ensnared line edits. I was asked to knock 10,000 words off the original manuscript because my pub hadn't budgeted for a book quite as big as the one I wrote. *sighs*

That's what happens when you're long winded like me. ;)

But, I managed to do it without losing any story or scenes and I'm very happy with the finished product. I sent it off to my editor yesterday and am hoping she loves it as much as me.

To celebrate, I wanted to share an excerpt:

(click to enlarge)

Also, I have a pinterest board dedicated to Ensnared teaser pictures here. So hop over if you'd like more insights into book 3!

Now, I'm going to take a week off of social media to spend time with my poor neglected family. I hope everyone has a safe and fun Fourth of July!

See you soon. (◕‿-)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Splintered & YALC at The London Film and Comic Con!

The UK branch of my publisher is going to YALC this year at The London Film and Comic Con and is hosting FREE makeover sessions inspired by the Splintered Series. Readers can become their favorite characters in 15-min sessions with awesome make up artist Robyn Skinner

Fancy yourself an Alyssa rock chick, a Morpheus style netherling or a brooding heart tattooed Jeb? Come down to the shared publisher area on Saturday, July12th. All participants will be entered into a drawing to win a signed ARC of Ensnared before it hits stores January 2015!!! 

If you live close to London, or were planning to hit this convention, please stop by the Abram's booth to take part! I wish so hard I could be there to see the makeovers for myself. ;)

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Winners Announced!

Thanks to everyone who took part in my cover reveal giveaway! 

Winners, you're listed below and have/will be contacted via email shortly. Please respond within 48 hours. Otherwise, I'll pick a new winner for the prize.


Grand Prize: 
Signed Ensnared ARC
Linda Canniff 

First Prize:
Signed Splintered/Unhinged Flip ARC
Bella Belikov Colella

Second Prize:
Signed Splintered Paperback + Signed Essence
Charley Hrobsky

Third Prize:
Death Head Moth Necklace
Rebecca Green

Fourth Prize:
Signed Splintered Series Swag
Mutmainna Munira 

Prize Pack 1: 
Edible Flower Garden Seed Kit + Edible Flower Cookbook

Prize Pack 2: 
AiW Magnet + Gothic Bat Cameo
Rhianna Walker

Prize Pack 3: 
Queen of Hearts Bookmark + Queen of Hearts pin
Amanda Machonis

Prize Pack 4: 
Press-on Face Gems + Splintered Series swag and necklace
Larissa Gossner

Prize Pack 5: 
Bleeding Heart Print + Silver-plated Anatomical Heart Charm
Estela Vasquez


Everyone else who entered, I appreciate you! 

Stay tuned because there will be Ensnared teasers, a trailer, a playlist, and excerpts in the coming months.  :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Meet me at BEA!

For anyone who lives in NY, or anyone who's attending BEA 2014 (Book Expo of America), I'll be there and would love to meet you and chat books!

Here's my schedule:

Monday, May 26, 2014

Day 4 of the ENSNARED cover reveal EVENT!

(Sorry we're late; there was some scheduling confusion today, so we moved the event over here.)

Hope you had a great weekend and are ready to continue our unveiling of the official Ensnared book cover! 

Take a gander at Puzzle Piece #4...

The spotlight character on book 3’s cover has gone through some *changes* (putting it mildly) since the last time we saw them. Not sure what you’re seeing in the sample? The clue is in the prize pack: A set of garnet-red press-on face gems… 


And I’m throwing in some personalized Splintered Series swag + a corded necklace, too (FYI, the crown and heart are hugely symbolic in bk3):

Good luck on the giveaway! Also, just one more post left until you get to see it ALL. Join us again tomorrow at Tales of a Ravenous Reader where I’ll share the last puzzle piece and some of the symbolism behind Ensnared’s cover. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Official Ensnared Cover Reveal is here!!!

*** Set your clocks and don't be late! ***

begins this week!!!

And I am beyond excited to share the beautiful cover art with you!

There will be prize packs at each puzzle post, including Alice in Wonderland goodies. For the final huge giveaway I'll be offering signed books/ARCs and more goodies (including a Splintered paperback, a limited edition Splintered / Unhinged flip ARC, Splintered Series swag, a sekrit TBA prize, and a death head moth necklace). 

And yes, all giveaways are INTL. ❤(◕‿-)❤

It all begins this Wednesday (May 21st). 

Here's the official schedule for your convenience:

Hope to see you there!