Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Peek inside my upcoming fairy tale fantasy...

Here's a glimpse of the prologue + gritty gothic fairy tale interior of Stain, as showcased in the limited-edition sampler. 

Click to enlarge


For anyone living in the Lubbock area who missed Hub City Con 2018 last weekend, head over to B&N (Slide Rd location), buy any of my young adult autographed books, and receive a signed sampler (there are only 10 samplers left, so first come first served!).


Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Glass Butterfly Giveaway Winners!

Thanks to all who took part in The Glass Butterfly Giveaway! 

Below are the lucky winners. 

Click image to enlarge

Congrats to you all! I've sent out emails, so check your inboxes. If you find your name above but didn't receive an email, please reach out to me via my contact info here. Those who didn't win this time, stay tuned, because there are some great Stain giveaways on the horizon!

Also, The Glass Butterfly update: The book in PB and e-book form are now available at all the usual venues online (for domestic orders). Follow this link for buying options. For anyone wanting a PB shipped foreign, it should be available on within the next week or so. Keep checking back at the link provided.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Why The Glass Butterfly's book birthday is a CATastrophe (aka: why I've been quiet as a dormouse the past few days)...

Today is The Glass Butterfly's official book birthday! HURRAH!

(gif by Heather Love King)

However, there's been a glitch. Since I've chosen to publish these books as indie titles (see story behind that decision here), I myself am responsible for uploading every version individually, paperbacks, ebooks, etc... on each and every online site available to indie authors.

Unfortunately, there's a processing timeline that has to be adhered to. It takes most versions at least 72 hours to go through and appear on all the venues for purchase.

Normally, I'm on the ball and can get things done three days ahead. In fact, I had last Friday set on my calendar as upload day, but then something unexpected dropped into my path...this little love, right here:

Friday afternoon while running errands, my daughter and I spotted this teensy 6-week-old baby scrambling around on busy a four-lane street in the middle of town (gif is a representation, not actual location). 

She was so terrified, she finally rolled up in a trembling ball in the middle lane as seven or more cars (and even a semi!) passed over her at full 40 mph speed without slowing down. The tires barely missed her each time because--by some miracle--she was centered between the lines just perfectly. 

My heart stopped with every car's passage. I was praying she'd survive, but had tears in my eyes and averted my gaze each time...the thought of her getting crushed was harrowing. I was trembling myself as I pulled into the closest parking lot to find a way to get her. Fortunately, at the same time, an anonymous, heroic man (who I will forever believe was this kitten's guardian angel) stopped his car mid-traffic and put the hazards on to pick her up out of the street. 

After he rescued her, he pulled into the parking lot where we waited. He stepped out of his truck, wincing, because the poor little love was wound around his ankle like a teensy, furry python and had her claws embedded in his skin. As I helped him get free, he asked if I could take over from there. I said of course, because I knew she was meant to be ours. 

We were only two minutes away from my veterinarian's office. The kitten was inconsolable and yowling so we wrapped her in a towel to protect her sharp little claws (and ourselves, haha) while I drove over.

After keeping her overnight, our vet gave her a good bill of health (another miracle that she had only road burn on her nose and paws from nuzzling into a tight ball on the asphalt to barricade herself against the velocity of the cars passing over), so we brought her home to be part of our family on Saturday. Here she is, happy and healthy in her safe place on the little fleece blanket I made for her.

She's a sweet, resilient tiny kitten. We named her Jujube (like the miniature gummy candies that I loved as a teen).

We call her Juju for short which is fitting, because in the urban dictionary, Juju means luck (bad and good both). Also, if you add a “b” at the end of each “u” it becomes jubjub (like the bird from Alice in Wonderland). 

How fitting is that for the pet of an author who's written an AiW spinoff?

All that to say, due to our newest addition, I didn’t have time to do any work until Monday because we were helping Juju adjust to her home and recuperate from her traumatic experience. 

So, as of now, the only places where The Glass Butterfly is live are Nook, Amazon, and iTunes (apple). Perfect for anyone who'd like to order the ebook versions and start reading today! 

However, if you're wanting a paperback, there is only one venue available from which to order, and it's B&N. Others should be processed by this weekend. I will update The Glass Butterfly page with more buttons as soon as other versions become available, so keep checking there!

Also, in the spirit of her new and bright future, Jujube thanks you for your patience and hopes you'll take part in the festivities while you wait! There's still a fantastic INTL giveaway going on for the prizes below through August 18th, so be sure to enter the rafflecopter before you leave today. And as always, thanks so much for the book support!

Monday, August 6, 2018

The Glass Butterfly Tour and Giveaway!

In just a little over a week, THE GLASS BUTTERFLY will be available for purchase! You can preorder on kindle today, and all other formats, including Nook and paperback will be available in other stores and venues on August 15th.

To celebrate, we're having a two week review tour from August 6th-10th & 13th-17th (weekdays only).

There's also an INTL giveaway for the amazing prizes pictured here! 

Click image for a closer look!

Giveaway info: To check out some early reviews and enter the giveaway, visit any or all of the tour stops listed below over the next 2 weeks, and look for the rafflecopter provided at the end of each post!

Week One

8/6/2018- A Dream Within A DreamReview
8/7/2018- Smada's Book SmackReview
8/8/2018- YA SH3LFReview
8/9/2018- Book-KeepingReview
8/10/2018- Omg Books and More BooksReview

Week Two

8/13/2018- Literary DustReview
8/15/2018- Lisa Loves LiteratureReview
8/16/2018- Pandora's BooksReview
8/17/2018- BookHounds YAReview

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Stain galley pages have arrived!

I always find the evolution of a manuscript so fascinating ... all the stages it takes before actually being born as a "real" book. 

I wanted to share a peek at Stain's galley. This is the production phase where the word doc is being formatted to take on the form of a book. 

In answer to the question, "What color will Stain's ink be?" I offer this up-close image of the interior artwork:

My phone's flash gave the image a sepia tone, but my publisher actually chose a black/white/grayscale antiquated interior to represent the fairy tale / medieval theme—a starkly beautiful effect that also honors the book’s unpolished and flawed Gothic princess. I’m hoping fellow lovers of dark fairy tales will adore this book aesthetic as much as I do!


Friday, June 22, 2018

Stain poster giveaway!

***Sweepstakes Alert***

Ten beautiful Stain posters up for grabs! 

If you’d like a chance for one, my publisher is hosting the giveaway. Just follow this link to enter.


Thursday, June 21, 2018

Announcing the Glass Butterfly Giveaway Winners!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the giveaway and helped me get the word out about The Glass Butterfly's playlist and pinterest boards! The winners are listed below:

Congrats to you all! I've sent out emails, so check your inboxes. If you find your name above but didn't receive an email, please reach out to me via my contact info here.

Anyone who didn't win, don't despair. There will be another giveaway to celebrate the book's birthday very soon! :)