Thursday, October 2, 2014

Ensnared Book Trailer Reveal Giveaway!

Yay! The ARCs are finally here, and just in time for the October Ensnared teaser reveal!

Aren't they pretteh?

I've been hugging them for hours, so they're broken in and ready to go to good homes... 

Well, three of them anyway. ;) 

But first, here is October's reveal:

Hope you liked it, and are even more excited for book three's launch in January! 

But for now, I promised a giveaway to help tide you over, so here's what's up for grabs (and yes, it's INTL):

3 Signed Ensnared ARCs

1 Vintage Queen of Hearts Print

2 Key Necklace/Book Marks

1 Pair of Alice Key Earrings (from "With Love, From Home")

1 Set of 5 Alice Card Suit Magnets

(Styles will vary)

2 Personalized/signed Splintered Series Swag packs 

That's 10 chances to win a prize! 

Use the rafflecopter below to enter, and I'll see you again in November to announce the winners and the next Ensnared teaser reveal.

Good luck everyone!