Wednesday, May 4, 2011

More blog bling-bling and a heads up...

Check it out! I posted my book trailer on the sidebar! There, just there on the right! I love figuring out all of these blogger gadgets. Though it's a little humiliating how long it takes me. Heh.

I'm itching to make another trailer, and even considering a contest where the prize would be me making a trailer for one of your books. YAY! I'll give details on that sometime in the near future...

Okay, onto the REAL post. On Friday this week, I'll be having my vindictive and hateful gallbladder removed. At long last, good shall vanquish evil, and the heroic doctor will prevail!

Even though I'll be offline, I'm auto posting the QueryTrackers Making Tracks interview for Friday. Our guest will be the fabulous Veronica Canfield (vcanfield on QT) who has recently signed with agent Louise Fury of L. Perkins Agency .

Stop by to hear about A GIRL'S GUIDE TO GHOSTS, BOYS AND OTHER WEIRD THINGS (fabulous title, right?) -- Veronica's fun and quirky YA ghost story with some interesting characters including a gender confused, English, eighteenth-century spirit who has a penchant for cross-dressing.

Now onto today's awards.

Thank you Jenny Phresh of Party Pony fame for giving me these one of a kind hilarious blog awards:

Not only do they make my stomach growl, but I can't stop giggling every time I look at them! LOL

Also thank you to the gracious Cherie for bestowing me this next fiery honor. In turn, I'd like to hand it off to a few bloggers. Some are new to me, and others I've been waiting for the perfect award to share.

Thank you, worthy recipients, for fanning the flames of inspiration through your posts! The only requirement for this award is to pay it forward.

Also, I'd like to thank Kerri Maniscalco for her blog of many hats: Write. Eat. Repeat. -- a place of peace, inspiration, and witticisms. Kerri not only writes novels, but is a Folk Arts Columnist and always has beautiful and inspirational quotes on her twitter feed that warm my heart throughout the day. So to show my gratitude, I'm bestowing her this:

Lastly, I'd like to step outside of the publishing corner of the world for a moment and welcome a brand new blogspot blogger who Marewolf mentioned in a post the other day. Shannon is a licensed esthetician and makeup artist who has recently started up a blog about being glamorous and fabulous on a budget. SWEET. That is such a super and unique idea, so here's a special award, just for her. I'm hoping it will match her pretty decor. ;-)

Thanks, Shannon, for keeping our world beautiful.

Congrats to all of today's winners, and remember to drop by on Friday for Veronica's guest interview.

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

Award winners: On the off chance you're techno-challenged like me, you can post your award on your blog, just right click on the picture here and "save picture as." If you're on blogger, from your dashboard go into 'design' and 'add a gadget' and download the picture.


  1. Hey girlie, that YA sounds so cute, esp. with the gender confused ghost!

  2. It does, doesn't it? LOL. Sounds like a very fun story. And your blog post has an incredible title today (that's one of my fave songs), so I'm on my way over to read it in a bit. :) See you there!

  3. A Girl's Guide sounds like a lot of fun, can't wait to see the interview! Congrats on all the awards and good luck with your surgery. I hope your doctor yanks your gallbladder out of you so fast that your spleen says to your kidney 'what the hell happened to Frank?'
    - Sophia.

  4. LOL! Thank you so much, Sophia! :)

  5. Thank you, Anita! What an awesome award! I'll display mine proudly and display back to yours.

  6. Anita! You are so sweet to give all these awards. Now I have to find time to read all these wonderful blogs! Who knew there were so many creative and excellent people in the blogosphere?

    Oh, and thanks for the directions on how to put the award on the blog...I (unfortunately) need that...

    P.S. I hope your surgery goes well! My thoughts will be with you on Friday. I'm glad you are ridding yourself of the evil organ of pain. :)

  7. Hi Anita :o)

    Just wanted to say good luck with your surgery! It that an outpatient procedure, or will you be in the hospital for a couple of days?

    I'll be thinking of you, friend :o)

    Oh, and congratulations to all the contest winners! :o)

    p.s. the book trailer would be an AWESOME contest prize!!

  8. You're welcome, D.U.! I had you in mind for this the second sweet Cherie gave it to me. ;) Your blog is always informative and interesting.

    Hi Mary! I love making peeps happy. :) Plus, I like supporting good blogs. Like you said, I'm amazed by how many blogs of awesome there are, and wish I could put every single one on my sidebar over there but it would run on forever. So awards offer me the chance to introduce you all to each other. Thanks for the well wishes; and yes, down with evil organs!

    Hey there Angela! Thank you for the sweet thoughts. And it's like a day surgery thing so I'm expected to go home that same day. I like it so much better that way. Also, it's easier on the finances. Hee. Thank goodness for insurance, right? And maybe you'll win the trailer! That would be cool...I have to figure out the intricate details still.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Anita, I'll be thinking about you all day Friday. I, too, have risen above the lapscopic procedure to rid myself of that small but baneful organ. You will prevail, my sister.

    Wow...just when I thought I'd get caught up on the blog award fest from your last post, I find there's some more fabulous blogs out there I'll need to read. I'm on it! Congrats to all the winners today.

    Can't wait to see Veronica's interview. I'm already entertained by her story!

  11. First off, good luck with the surgery. Pray everything goes well and you're back on your feet in no time.

    Thanks so much for the award! The book trailer was very intriguing, I can't wait to buy the book. Did you make that yourself? You need to have an online course!

  12. Thank-you for the award! I had another one offered to me, but I didn't know what to do with it. Thought never occured to me to put it in an app!

    You're a genius.

  13. Mary, thank for your sweet thoughts and encouragment. And you are so awesome about checking out all of these blogs! I know, right? Such a cute twist on your typical haunting ghost story.

    Thank you, Write2Live! I appreciate your prayers. And you're welcome for the award. You earned it! Yep, I made the trailer. It was SO fun. But I can't take credit because it was easy w/my Windows movie maker. It did all the work for me. :)

    Haha, Darke Conteur! It's so nice to know I'm not the only techno impaired person on blogger. It took me a while to figure out too. Believe me, I'm far from a genius! LOL

  14. Good luck Friday. Best of healing. :)

    Thanks for the award. Now how do I pay it forward? (And honestly lady, how do you do it all? It's people like you that make me think, ' wonder she's signed and on her way and I'm not!'
    But I'll forgive you because you gave me an award and I am a closet case over achiever who LOVES pats on the head!

  15. Haha, Elizabeth! I WISH I could do it all. My writing's been suffering, so I'm going to have to stop playing on blogspot and twitter so much. There's a balance somewhere and I'm striving to find it.

    And all you have to do to pay the award forward is give it to any blog you think is deserving of it. :)

  16. You're on fire from that bacon and hot butter combo! Didn't you know never to mix the two? LOL

    Well-deserved, Anita. I'm still scared of the bacon dispenser. Highly dangerous. Maybe if you wear sunglasses while dispensing...there's a thought.

    Good luck with surgery and writing! Will be thinking of you lots. =) <3

  17. Ooh, I love the book trailer. I had to find my iPhone to watch it since my desktop speakers are broken.

    Very cool and creepy! LOVED it. =)

  18. First of all my dear, I'll be keeping you in my thoughts prayers/sending good vibes on Friday for your surgery. Secondly, thank you so much for the kinds words about my blog, and the supah award.

    It truly made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. I love and am grateful for the support of my fellow writerly types! QT buddies 4 life lol.

    BTW I'm loving your trailer, I'll have to post mine sometime soon too. (I used the same sound guy, he's got an amazing site, right?!) Can't wait to see your book sitting on my bookshelf my dear!

  19. Did I write 'secondly' instead of 'second' UGH #WordChoiceFail :-)

  20. Thank you so much for the award!! I appreciate it! It is adorable!!

  21. Thank you so much, Anita! I'm so excited!! I told my Dad, lol!

    You're book trailer idea sounds wonderful! That's my summer project! I'm going to get some people together so we can make a book trailer for my books. We're going to make a boat out of cardboard and send it across the lake. haha. It'll be fun to watch!!

  22. Oh...I'm all OVER that trailer contest. I'm down right hysterical thinking of what you could do with my book.

  23. Good luck with your surgery, Anita! I hope everything goes well. I'll definitely be thinking of you!

  24. Hey there Cherie! I DID know that. Cholesterol overdose! That can't be good for the ol' gallbladder. Hee. Thanks for the well wishes, and the hot hot hot award. :) And YAY. I'm so glad you liked the trailer! Is that the first time you've seen it?

    Kerri~ Firstly, LOL on your editing repost! You are SUCH a writer. Hee. And I appreciate those lovely thoughts and prayers of wellness. You are so very welcome for the award. And I can't wait to see your trailer! Twitter it when you post it so we can all come see. :) And yep, QTers RULE!

    Shannon, you're very welcome. :) Thank you for the service you provide, too!

    Awww. Ashley, I'm so glad you liked it. That's so cute about your dad. :) He must be a fantastic fellow for you to have such a good relationship w/him. That rocks! And I think your book trailer idea sounds awesome. Some of the coolest trailers I've seen are done very simply and look homemade on purpose, like soem of Maggie Steifvater's book trailers. Have fun w/that award, but make sure you wear pot holders when passing it out!

    Oh, yeah! With all I've heard about your awesome book, I would LURV for you to win the trailer contest. :) You and Angela might have to arm wrestle for it. ;)

  25. Thanks so much, Ashley G. It should be pretty smooth sailing. I have a great surgeon, and since it's day surgery, I should be home that afternoon. I appreciate your well wishes!

  26. You're awesome Anita! Thanks so much. Lately I don't feel so much on fire, and rushing around trying to dowse the flames. :) I'll stop back on Friday!

  27. doh. Typo in that comment. I wish Blogger would let me edit after I post...

    I meant to say, "Lately I don't feel on fire so much AS rushing around trying to dowse the flames."

    Though you probably understood... :) Thanks again.

  28. I'm poking the LOVE button on your blog right now. But not poking your poor maimed gallbladder. Ouchies! I'll be thinking of you and hoping for a speedy return to health. Don't forget it's OK to take a break. You don't have to run around posting witty, wise, and wonderful comments on everyone's blog while recovering in post-op!

  29. I want you to have that contest. Wait, I need you to have that contest. I want a book trailer!!!! GL with your evil GB!

  30. Hi Anita! I posted a comment earlier this morning but I don't see it - did it never post??? LAME. I was coming over to see what message you left for me, lol, and it was gone!! :( I'll try this again...
    THANK YOU!!! I am so stoked on my blog award so thank you!!!! I will display it with pride! :) I also had my gall bladder removed so if it's being done because of stones then just know that you will feel a million times better!!! I will stop by on Friday to read your interview but maimly I'll be thinking of you. it doesn't hurt so bad!
    Thank you again and I'm heading over to mine to show of my new "hot" award!! :) :) :)

  31. Kristine, you're welcome! And I totally knew what you meant. :) Although, you wouldn't be a writer if you hadn't hopped back over to edit yourself. LOL

    Hi there, Jenny girl! Awww, and I feel the LURV. Thanks for going easy on the gallbladder. Hee. And I appreciate the blog haitus. Might have to take you up on that over the weekend, at least. :)

    Rebecca, LOL! You crack me up with the abbreviations. You are so cool! And I think you're going to have to fight Angela and Bethany for that video. ;)

    SycamoreMeadows~ Hi there! I'm not sure what happened? Weird! I'm so glad you like it! And thank you so much for the comforting words and well wishes. Now I'm on my way to your blog to SEE your award. ;)

  32. BTW, Bethany, that reply up there, the last one in the 1:24 pm bunch ... that was meant for you. Don't know why I forgot to put your name. Sorry! LOL

  33. Good luck with your surgery, Anita! I will be thinking of you, and I hope all goes well! :)

  34. Thank you so much, Lisa. I've got an excellent surgeon, so I'm in good hands. :) I really appreciate your thoughts!

  35. here's to a speedy recovery!

    and the Figurative Bacon picture just about made me choke on my coffee. that. was. awesome.

  36. Very nice trailer! I'm going to have to make one of these, or at least pay someone to make one for me!

  37. you are a superstar! Look at all that bling piling up. :o) And good luck w/the gall bladder. bleah. I hope you're getting the laser treatment b/c I've heard it's less traumatic/faster recovery.

    will look out for the interview. Thanks! :o) <3

  38. David, Thanks so much for the get well wishes. ;) And I know! Jenny P is such a nut! I just love her wacked out sense of humor. Reminds me a little of someone else I know. Hmmm. Maybe that's why you share the Hatter's hat?

    Thanks Scott! You should make one yourself! They are so fun. :)

    Hi there, Leigh. I appreciate your sweet thoughts! And yep, I'm getting laparascopy, so it should be quick and fairly painless. Be nice to get back to normal again. Hope you enjoy the interview!

  39. Prayers for you tomorrow and for the doctor.

    Hope you spend your recovery time resting with a book you've wanted to read, but haven't had the time!

  40. Thank you, Dawne. I appreciate your prayers and kind words. :) Love the idea about the book! Sounds perfect.

  41. Omg, I LOOOOOVVVVVEE your book trailer!! Your book sounds awesome and mysterious and delightfully creepy. I hope your surgery went OK yesterday. Hugs and good thoughts while you recover :D.

    (P.S - Sorry I've been absent this week on my blog and Twitter! I feel bad to have neglected my writing buddies. Day job has kept me super busy)

  42. Hope you're feeling well today <3

    And now I'm rewriting the words to "Sex on Fire" with Blog on Fire and singing it to myself... Ha!

  43. Hey, thanks, Keriann! My surgery went without a hitch. As for my tailer, it was very fun to make. Don't feel bad about not hitting all the blogs. You need to be writing on your book every chance you get since you work. ;) We all uderstand that.

    Thank you, Katey. It went great and I can already tell that the pesky gallbladder is gone. Absolutely no pain anymore ... except for the incisions. LOL on the song. :)