Sunday, January 15, 2012

Tune in for YAmazing fun and MGnificent prizes!

If you take part in the upcoming Apocalypsies blog race, you'll get to meet some fabulous 2012 debut young adult and middle grade authors and hear about their upcoming books along the way...

The YAmazing Race with MGnificent Prizes begins tomorrow (January 16) at noon-ish eastern, so get your game face on to win some awesome SWAG.

See you then!!!


P.S. HUGE props to Gina Damico for organizing this race, and her husband who put together the fun quizzes that will win you lucky guys and gals those prizes. Gina is super generous w/her time. Don't know how she does it, considering her own book CROAK will be coming out in March (SO VERY CLOSE!) so I know she's crazy busy. Be sure to put that book on your to-read list because it looks FAB, FUNNY, and wickedly creepy to boot.


  1. Har har! I have snagged the spot of the FIRST COMMENT. As long as I am not too verbose and dilly-dathery and make it pithy and all that rot. So, yes, I am going to tune in. Yah! Back to writing...I am on a roll. xoxo!

  2. Woohoo, Pony! Go you w/the wordage! And thank you for refraining from any bombastic or magniloquent vociferations in the comment thread. HEE

  3. Just clicked the link for Croak. Want to read :-)

  4. This is going to be cool! I will definitely check it out. And CROAK?! What a bitchin' title!!

  5. Sarah~ Yay! Thanks for checking out Gina's awesome book! Be sure to come back by for the contest later... it's running all week. :)

    Rookstar~ Wow, girl. You're off to an early start. :) Of course, you always are, my little morning glory. Hee. Yeah, Croak ROX. See you in a bit!