Friday, January 9, 2015

The Splintered Series Final Chapter and An Exciting Announcement...

At last, Ensnared is out in the world! I hope you're either reading/have read/will be reading it soon because in a few weeks I'll be writing up a blog post about why it ended like it did. 

Everyone has their opinions whether the ending was amazing or terrible, fair or unfair, or "real-life enough" (that one is baffling; this isn't contemporary fiction, it's fantasy and Wonderland ... of course magic was going to play a pivotal role in the ending since I wrote it organically and stayed true to my enchanted story-world). @.@

But only the author has insight into how the story played out across the page while writing it, how the character arcs and canon figured in, and why certain plot choices were made. Each one had a reason, and you deserve to know them since you've been faithful and have followed the series to its end. :)

<Slightly Spoilery...highlight to read> I'll also be including excerpts from all the books and the novella that alluded to this ending, contradicting any suggestions that I was derivative or mimicked the ending of any other recently closed books series. Unless I'm psychic (I wish!), I had no idea, over a year and a half ago, how any other authors were going to end their books these past few months. ;)

So be watching for that one! 

If you've already read Ensnared or haven't read it and would like to take part in a read along, I'll be doing a live skype show in February to discuss the book. The hosts have arranged a readalong (check out the hashtag #NetherlingsRead on twitter), and there are prizes up for grabs. Here are more deets:

Hope you can join us!

Also, I have another announcement that I'm dying to make, but I have to wait for the green light from my publisher. When it's time to tell everyone, I'll go big and have a fun giveaway, too! The prizes will include some signed Ensnared hardbacks/ Unhinged paperbacks, and Alice goodies.

Right now, I'm in the midst of some looming writing deadlines + book launch activities and am trying to stay focused, so I'll be pretty quiet until then. 

Be back soon! 


  1. Giveaways? Cool! My father told me he will give me cash to buy Ensnared's spanish version so I will be posting my opinions on my blog. I actually don't know how it is going to end but I hope to don't read spoilers accidentally :D But I hope to get a chance to win a Splintered Series's hardback :D they look beautiful

  2. eeeep!! super excited! I've met so many wonderful people through reading this series!! <3

  3. YAY for more details!! I'm only dyiiiiing for my preorder of Ensnared to FINALLY arrive! Damned postal service being backlogged here!!

    I will be staying away from spoilers until my copy arrives, but as soon as it does, I'll be devouring it!!

  4. I loved the final installment--my personal favorite of the series. Thank you so much for pouring your heart out into it. Fair faryn, "Splintered"! Hoping to get my book signed at the North Texas Teen Book Festival. *hugs*

  5. I started but I'm taking it slow. I don't want it to end! LOL! And I cannot wait for your announcement!

  6. I'm excited to hear what's coming from you next!

  7. I loved it! It was perfect! Everything about it was just wonderful!

  8. Oh my goodness A.G., you don't stop surprising us :D goodne

  9. Simply Amazing! I love love love this trilogy and it would be awesome to see in movie form!

  10. So excited for Halloween this year! Thanks for the fun inspiration!