Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Slasher Girls & Monster Boys Survival Tips

Four tips for surviving the 14 terrifying tales you'll find between the pages of Slasher Girls & Monster Boys:

1. Always read in bed while burrowed under your covers. If you can't see IT, it can't see you. Your safety is all that matters, even if the covers hinder your ability to breathe.

2. Don't make a noise. Every whimper leads it closer to your hiding place.

3. Lie as flat as you can and don't move. Any lump in the covers attracts its attention. 

4. If you've been discovered, only light can make it go away. Bright light and nothing else. A flashlight will reflect off its eyes and make it angry.

gif by Kevin Weir of fluxmachine

Think you're brave enough to read our stories?

You can win a copy here.

(Rules for survival inspired by A Child's Eyes)


  1. CREEPERS! I requested an eARC the minute it went up on Edelweiss, but it has just sat there forever. I wish they would say yay or nay, just so I would know on way or the other. I tweeted once to ask when they were going to review the EW requests, but I never got an answer. Maybe I'll try tweeting again. :)

    1. Haha. I know, right? Each author was assigned a gif to post. They gave me the scariest possible one. @.@

      And you should totally tweet them again. I hope you get to read them all soon! These stories were so cool and fun. ;)

    2. I don't think anyone has gotten an EW copy yet because there are no peer blogger/reviewer feedbacks or recs. Only one bookseller rec. I tweeted again, but of course didn't get an answer. Maybe I'll email. Ha! I can't seem to quit being a pain in the butt. :)