Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ama-Con Signing

For anyone who's going to Ama-Con in Amarillo this weekend, I'll be hanging out at the Barnes & Noble booth from 1-4pm on Saturday to sign autographs, chat books, and drool over all the fabulous cosplays!

Hope to see some of you there!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Slasher Girls & Monster Boys Survival Tips

Four tips for surviving the 14 terrifying tales you'll find between the pages of Slasher Girls & Monster Boys:

1. Always read in bed while burrowed under your covers. If you can't see IT, it can't see you. Your safety is all that matters, even if the covers hinder your ability to breathe.

2. Don't make a noise. Every whimper leads it closer to your hiding place.

3. Lie as flat as you can and don't move. Any lump in the covers attracts its attention. 

4. If you've been discovered, only light can make it go away. Bright light and nothing else. A flashlight will reflect off its eyes and make it angry.

gif by Kevin Weir of fluxmachine

Think you're brave enough to read our stories?

You can win a copy here.

(Rules for survival inspired by A Child's Eyes)

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Untamed sneak peek!

I've been promising another sneak peek of Untamed for a while, so here it is! 

This excerpt is taken from Alison and Thomas's story, and is in her POV. In this scene, she's thirteen years old and just about to meet Morpheus, who will change her life forever.

Click picture to enlarge

And here's the first teaser I posted a few weeks ago from the headlining story Six Impossible Things, for anyone who missed it:

Also, I just got a look at Untamed's formatted pages, and the color of the text is beautiful! I'll have a reveal for that in a few weeks, along with a giveaway to celebrate that the edits are all behind me and a real book is just around the corner!