Friday, July 1, 2016

RoseBlood & The Architect of Song GIVEAWAY BASH

***The giveaway portion of this post has ended. Winners were announced here.***

Sorry I've been quiet online for a few weeks -- one of the downsides to having 2 books coming out within months of each other. Juggling duel sets of edits and pass pages at the same time leads to long days and nights in the writing cave. 

But, there's also a huge upside that I get to share with all of you! Two books coming out means twice the giveaways, and today I decided to double up and have a RoseBlood reveal and two Architect of Song announcements, along with prizes tied to each book. 

First, the reveal -- RoseBlood's official trailer:

Here's hoping that left you even hungrier for the haunting story behind the mask. ;) I'm so looking forward to January when this baby hits the shelves!

And The Architect of Song announcements:

The official tour, sponsored by RockStar Book Tours, is on the horizon:

Mark your calendars because there will be early reviews, insider peeks, and prizes galore. 

Also, the kindle version is now up for preorder! Here are two beautiful pictures taken by some talented bloggers as proof: 

(picture attribution: Ravenous Reader)

(picture attribution: My Friends are Fiction)

Click here or on either image above to go to Amazon for more info. 

Several readers have asked if there will be a printed version of this book, and yes, there is (I'm giving one away today). However, the preorder option is only available for the e-version. The paperback will be available to buy on the release date: August 15th, 2016. 

Now, to the giveaway (yes, it's INTL)! 

Up for grabs today:

One signed RoseBlood ARC

One signed The Architect of Song paperback

One signed RoseBlood panoramic poster

One signed The Architect of Song poster

One musical sheet necklace (18 inch chain)

One set of signed RoseBlood swag

One set of signed The Architect of Song swag

Enter the rafflecopter below for your chance to win one of these seven fabulous prizes (INTL)! Good luck to all, and I hope to see you later this month for The Architect of Song's blog tour. Have a happy and safe 4th of July, everyone!

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