Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Architect of Song in audio book!

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The Architect of Song is now available as an audio book through Audible

The narrator, Gemma Dawson, does an amazing job bringing Juliet's voice to life. Here's her bio:

"Gemma Dawson is a classically trained actress born and raised in London, England. Now working in NYC, she is thrilled to bring stories to life as an Audible Studios Narrator. With a range of accents and voices and a love of all genres, Gemma has recorded a wide variety of over 25 titles since beginning her career last Spring. So far, she has relished in everything from the grandeur of Historical Romance to the more relatable struggles of Contemporary Fiction and Nonfiction. Gemma's objective is to breathe life into every character, giving them not just a voice but an emotional life, lifting the story off the page and transporting the listener into another world."

I’ll have a giveaway for a few copies soon!

Until then, you can follow this link to listen to a sample.


  1. Ooh! It sounds like Gemma Dawson is going to as great a job on this as Rebecca Gibbel did on Splintered. The sample gives me great hope to listen to it as a re-read (that's my favorite way to do audiobooks... :) ). Of course, you seem to give them great material to work with, so that's helpful. :)