Thursday, January 12, 2017

RoseBlood's UK Blog Tour Day 6

Welcome to stop #6 on the UK Blog Tour! We're trying to figure out what went awry with yesterdays's post (stop #5), but since it didn't go live, I'm doing an encore presentation here. Enjoy!

RoseBlood Aesthetics

Today, Splintered’s own master of panache and charm is here to chat up my latest retelling by critiquing  spotlighting some of the scenes, fashions, and settings in RoseBlood. And to prove how accomodating he can be, he’s even embracing the Phantom theme (he claims it’s because the style complements his subterfuge top hat, but I suspect it’s more because Alyssa thinks masks are sexy). 

And with that, I give the floor to Morpheus, moth-man extraordinaire.


Thank you, luv. *tips head while holding mask in place* As most of you know, I’m not traditionally an admirer of human lifestyles. I find most everything about mortality tedious, pedestrian and boring. However, in exchange for wasting part of my precious eternity on this drivel, Alyssa vowed to give me a private fashion show later, in which she'll model any ensemble of my choosing: the sky is the limit. *smirks and flutters wings* So, let’s get a move on, aye? I have somewhere much better to be…

First, let’s start with the fashions…

Seeing as RoseBlood is a school of music and theater, you can expect costumes and sewing to play a role. And being a moth-man who knows his way around a needle and thread, this is one aspect I can appreciate, if not admire … However, I’ll be keeping it to a modicum of enthusiasm.

Speaking of sewing, our lovely little Rune is a seamstress in her own right. She’s also kind-hearted, loyal, and brave with a touch of darkness, like another stylish girl I know. *casts sidelong glance out the window* And Rune executes her homespun, natural style most brilliantly.

But perhaps I’m biased, as her tattered elegance and captivating voice bring to mind the birdsong wood nymphs who frequent Wonderland’s wilds—one of my favorite holiday spots.

On the note of mythical creatures, Thorn is admittedly too striking for a human. He must have a touch of the fae. He certainly has the cunning of one. But although I approve of his subversive schemes and clandestine constitutionals about the opera house, his style is far too casual for my liking. 

However, his addition of a hooded cloak adds a mystical dimension to any trappings. And as I’ve attended my share of banquets with satyrs and pan flutes providing the music, Thorn’s preference for playing his violin half-clothed is another taste of home that warms me to the cockles. As most of you know, I’m not adverse to showing a bit of skin whilst performing in any venue. If you have it, flaunt it. 

As for flaunting what you have, Erik, a.k.a. Le Fantôme, has mastered this skill. Whether decked out in red velvet for a night of torturing guests at a masquerade, donning a woolen bolero suit in his childhood, or creeping down to his lab in a hooded monk’s robe for some scientific experimentation, he manages all with flair and finesse. And did I mention he has a mask for every occasion? A quaint obsession to which I can relate. *adjusts moth-trimmed top hat* Add to that a penchant for strangling anyone who stands in his way, and of any character in RoseBlood with whom I’d wish to have a spot of tea, Erik would be my top choice. Oh, the maniacal stratagems we could hatch over spider-leg scones and clotted dodo-egg cream…

This talk of tea brings to mind parties, and fair warning, paltry humans, there are two in RoseBlood that are brimming with horror and mayhem worthy of any netherling revelry. One in particular is reminiscent of Wonderland’s own psychedelic landscapes. But—*presses a gloved finger to lips*—mum’s the word. Wouldn’t wish to spoil the deliciously frightful discoveries awaiting you. Instead, let these visuals fuel your nightmares.

Nightmares are always on the fringe at RoseBlood. Who could expect anything less from a renovated opera house sitting atop a lake veiled in mist, adjacent to an abandoned chapel and cemetery?

But RoseBlood’s outsides are nothing compared to its insides. A haunted auditorium, golden stairways, and dorms carved out of dressing rooms. 

All of it pales to what lurks beneath, in the bowels—underground canals, a caged elevator, and beds varying from canopies to coffins.

This talk of bedrooms reminds me of a certain fashion show I’m anxious to attend, so I’ll be taking my leave. *drops mask, transforms to moth-form, and flutters toward the door* 

Do give my regards to the occupants of RoseBlood. And remember: If you wish to survive the story, keep your hand at the level of your eyes. 


Thanks for joining us today! Don't forget to hang out with us via our twitter chat during the #RoseBloodBall at 12:30pm central time (6:30pm GMT). I'll be answering questions via the hashtag, and we'll also be giving away a Thorn print to a lucky winner (INT)!

And hope to see you again Saturday for the final stop of the tour at The Arts Shelf where we'll be offering up a grand prize package (UK)!


  1. Hi Morpheus!
    This is absolutely breathtaking. I cannot wait to get a copy of roseblood! I now know that every time I will read the words I will end up picturing the images more vividly thanks to you and AG Howard. :-)

    1. Thank you, luv. I very much enjoyed touring the place, but must say, nothing compares to Wonderland's magic and madness. *winks*

  2. Morpheus!! Always fabulous to hear from you, but special thanks for the additional insight into Roseblood. I am even more excited for my copy to arrive now. All the best to you, Alyssa, Muse, and the rest of the fae of Wonderland; I hope to hear/read more from you all soon! (And Anita, your work is wonderful as always and I am very much looking forward to Roseblood and your future works)

    1. My pleasure, little duckie. *tips hat* And I'll give your regards to the family, once we catch the wee one. He's become rather adept at fly and seek of late...

  3. Hello Morpheus! It's been a long time! ^^

    I'm super looking forward to Roseblood, and your opinions on it definitely has me excited to read (that and I love Phantom of the Opera, so...).
    Not to mention, you're really rocking the phantom look yourself. Best wishes! ^^

    - Gloria Gutchall

    1. Of course I am, luv. They've yet to invent any look I can't ... rock. *smirks and re-situates moth-trimmed hat*

  4. Hello, luv. Morpheus, in a word of wisdom, would you prefer this new world of RoseBlood, with the elegance and tastes more suited to your pallet over your own land? Or are you determined to culture the people of your own world?

    1. Tut-tut, little duckie. No world can compare to Wonderland. I much prefer insanity to "cultured." Life is less mundane when you're a bit mad, after all. And between us, being the most fashionable and sophisticated creature in the realm has its advantages. How else could I have captured Alyssa's beautiful eye? *grins*

  5. Wonderful to hear from you Morpheus!

    It is great to hear what he thinks of the characters and their fashion sense (which albeit can never top his excellent tastes) it begs the question what the characters of Roseblood have to say about him in return

  6. Hello, my dear Morpheus! As thrilling as Thorn seems to be, I'm sure he can't top your flair and fancy. I'm certainly in love with the setting and story in Roseblood, but I agree that nothing tops your Wonderland. Come visit me through the mirror sometime, you're always welcome ��