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Ello! My name is Jasper, and I'll be your guide on the fashion leg of the prelaunch event. Please don’t be frightened or confused by me and my bug-eyed friends. We might look like ordinary dragonflies, but we’re in fact an enchanted swarm who’ve been appointed to lead you through the crowds.

This way, up the stairs towards the red carpet. Do be careful where you tread. There are many Wonderland creatures in attendance, some smaller than a breadbox.

Mad Hatter himself is making a go of manning the camera. Sadly, he’s one of the vertically challenged, which resulted in this cropped image of Alyssa, the punk rock sweetheart of SPLINTERED’s twisted fairy tale, going up the stairs some twenty minutes ago.

We assure you, in spite of how many times she heard the phrase “off with your head” whilst in Wonderland, she managed to make it to the event with hers intact.

As for the fellows of SPLINTERED, Hatter snapped a brilliant shot of Jebediah’s boots:

…and what we’re assuming is one of Morpheus’s wings silhouetted across the evening sun:

But to keep things visually accurate, one of our human assistants Googled the boys’ outfits and found online facsimiles for you:



Although they have different tastes in fashion, these handsome gents share similar taste in ladies, as each has set his sights on the fair Alyssa.

Now, let’s stop here next to the buffet table. The in-studio announcer is about to do her introductions of the boys. Then you'll be off to the interviews where you can decide which "suitor" is best "suited" for the skater-girl who rolled her way into Wonderland’s heart.

And don’t mind us if we disappear for a bit . . . we’re off to eat the appetizers, before they have a chance to eat you!


Welcome, welcome, friends and fiends, to a red-carpet event like no other! I’m A.M. Supinger—in-studio announcer—and it’s my pleasure to be the first to tempt you down a rabbit hole even Lewis Carroll couldn’t dream up. (Beware the Hors d'oeuvres—they bite back!)

A.G. Howard’s SPLINTERED is a dark and mysterious Wonderland adventure, but it’s her juicy heartthrobs stealing the spotlight tonight!

First up is Jeb, Alyssa’s long-time friend and crush—an artist with a soldier’s heart. He jumps into this adventure without hesitation and puts himself in harm’s way time and again to protect Alyssa from Wonderland’s worst creatures. But he doesn’t come without baggage, including the tortured past he left up in the human world, and the buffer of brotherly affection he’s always used to keep Alyssa at arm’s length.
Then there’s Morpheus, a Wonderland staple Carroll depicted as a hookah-smoking caterpillar. Nothing could be further from the truth, which Alyssa discovered as a child. But their youthful friendship evolves into something wild and magnetic in the untamed chaos of Wonderland. Only Jeb is immune to Morpheus’s charm, and he instills doubt in Alyssa as to whether or not Morpheus is friend or foe.
Before these two drool-worthy hunks run off into the crowd in search of Alyssa, Bethany Crandell and Jessica Nelson—our on-site red carpet reporters—are going to help us determine whose team jersey we’ll wear in 2013 with a blog-hopping interview. Personally, I can’t wait to see which hottie comes out on top, and which is served leftover soup…

Ladies, you have the floor!

For Jeb’s interview and the INTERNATIONAL OUTLANDISH GIVEAWAYS, head over to Bethany Crandell’s place.

For Morpheus’s interview and the INTERNATIONAL OUTLANDISH GIVEAWAYS, hop over to Jessica Nelson’s blog.

ALSO, a hearty round of cyber-applause for the following contributors who made this virtual prelaunch party possible...


Red Carpet Attributions:

Thanks to A.M. Supinger, Bethany Crandell, and Jessica Nelson for being extraordinary and entertaining MCs!

Thank you to Kalen O’Donnell for the spectacular Red Carpet Event banner and artwork!

And last but never-ever least, special thanks and gratitude to the following book-reviewers/bloggers/authors who fashioned the amazing list of questions for our guys:


Monday, December 10, 2012

The Sixth Day of Splintered Blog Tour: Wonderland fashion

If you're here for the sixth stop of the Splintered blog tour, it is now posted at its original listing: ReadingTeen (apologies for the confusion!).  Hop over for a glimpse at Wonderland parties and fashion, and enter the raffle copter for a chance to win one of 12 Splintered hardbacks, courtesy of Abrams!

And so you won't feel like your trip here today was a waste of time, here are two FREE interactive Splintered activities for you, if you like that sort of thing:

  • Check out the pinterest Splintered Book board to get ideas for your own Wonderland/Splintered themed party.

  • Hop over to the Splintered casting poll to learn more about the characters and choose which actors are perfect for the roles.

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy the tour!

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Twelve Days of Splintered...

Sponsored by Amulet and coordinated by Gabrielle Carolina at The Modge Podge Bookshelf.
I can't believe there's less than two weeks until my debut YA novel, Splintered, hits the shelves. WOW. It's gone by so fast!
Celebrate with us by visiting the official virtual book tour. You'll find sneak peeks of Splintered's Wonderland settings, fashions, food, and parties, all tied to a Christmas theme.

There are Splintered and Wonderland freebies galore to be won along the way, so don't miss a single stop!

1. Mr. Dodo's House @ I Am A Reader, Not A Writer
2. Ivory Queen's Castle @ Reading Angel
3. The Red Queen's Castle @ Krazy Book Lady
4. Christmas Tea Party @ Katie's Book Blog
5. Gifts in Wonderland @ Icey Books
6. Wonderland Fashion @ ReadingTeen
7. The Ocean of Tears & The Zombie Flower Forrest @ The Mod Podge Bookshelf
8. Wonderland's Historic Library @ Book Hounds YA
9. Wonderland's Secrets @ Mundie Moms
10. The Spritelings @ Pages From My Thoughts
11. Butterfly Threads @ Jennifer Daiker
10. Visiting Hour at the Asylum @ Crossroad Reviews