Monday, May 2, 2011

The First Bi-Annual Wonderland Bloggy Awards

Last week there was a BLOG AWARDS BOOM and I was so thrilled to receive three (one of which was triple bequeathed to me--squee!).

But even more fun than receiving them, was anticipating who I'd be giving them out to in return. I had blogger buddies all lined up, and then KABAM, several of my nominees started getting the same awards that I planned to give out -- from one another no less. Hmm. I'm sensing a conspiracy here. ;)

Well, since I had a QueryTracker interview with a very special guest, and didn't want to horn in on her weekend highlight spot, it gave me some time to make my own awards and sets of rules.

So, in honor of my Alice In Wonderland spinoff which is out on sub, I decided to bequeath some Wonderland themed awards. :)

First, I need to take care of the awards I received, then we'll move on to the Wonderland nominees.

Thank you, Deirdra, for this lovely award with no stipulations other than that I enjoy it.

Make sure you hop over to Deirdra's blog, A Storybook World. She's incredibly talented, does all of her own artwork, and also has interviews with literary agents and authors, scheduling them in advance on her side bar so you can watch for when your favorites will be guests.

The next two awards I received share the same rules (or at least close enough for passable), so I'm combining the requirements which I'll spell out after the presentations. I'd like to thank all of the gracious ladies who nominated me!

Bequeathed to me by: Bluestocking Mum,
and bequeathed from me to:

4 & 5 go to the combined blogging efforts of:

Bequeathed to me by: Robin Weeks, Lori M. Lee, and Jenny Phresh 
and bequeathed from me to:

Here are the rules for both awards:

1. Thank and link to the person who nominated you.
2. Share seven random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to five buddies whose blogs epitomize said theme.
4. Contact those buddies to congratulate them.

Okay, now here are my seven random things...

1. When I was three, I fell down two flights of stairs at church and amazingly survived without even a scratch. My older brother was there and screamed for my mom who had just turned her back for a second. I have no memory of the event, but I firmly believe that I didn't fall ... I was shoved. It was an intentional bid for attention from BIG BRO because I was the cutest of the lot.

2. I have freaky feet. My second toe is longer than my big toe. My brother always teased me about them and I'm still self-conscious today. So forget fitting into those stylish flip flops with the slanted soles; in the summer, it's crock shoes all the way for this girl.

3. I had pet guinea pigs growing up. My brother mastered a squealing technique that could set them into a high-pitched-fever-fest, and they wouldn't shut up until I fed them some lettuce. Have any of you ever heard a guinea pig squeal? It will set your teeth on edge. Are we seeing a pattern here? Yes, my brother was the bane of my childhood. I still love him, though I'm open to creative outlets for my pent up frustration. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and actively considered.

4. At the age of seven, after watching a Twilight Zone marathon with the family -- the highlight of which was an episode about a murderous talking doll, a pre-cursor to Chuckie fame -- I went in my room to get ready for bed. I used to collect dolls and one of my favorites, a Spanish beauty in a lace and satin dress, sat on my dressor.  As I put on my pajamas, I couldn't stop staring at her, noticing for the first time how creepy she was. Maybe it was a result of staring too long without blinking, but the edge of her mouth appeared to wriggle, forming a sneer. I screamed at the top of my lungs, tossed her in the closet, and decided that I would never like dolls again. We got rid of the collection shortly thereafter, and to this day, dolls still creep me out.

5. I had an imaginary friend named Zalicah when I was three. In spite of the intricate story I wove of her demise involving a runaway cat and a car without breaks, she was rumored to have been seen honeymooning with Bart Simpson somewhere in the Poconos just last month.

6. My family lived in Ohio during my Kindergarten through second grade years. The snow storms were legendary. We once had drifts so high they formed a ramp that reached over and above our six foot fence. Our Irish Setter scaled it and slid down the other side to play with the neighbor's Chihuahua (who just so happened to be his best pal).

7. The first time I ever went snow skiing, I plowed down a woman on the bunny slope. As I watched her laying there, crying and screaming that I'd broken her back, I made a vow never to ski again. So shaken by the incident, I rode down on a snow mobile with one of the workers. When I saw the same woman be-bopping around at the bottom of the slope about twenty minutes later, flirting with the ski patrol dudes, I decided, "Oh YES. I will ski again. And I will be BETTER THAN YOU." And I did, and I was. Knowing what I do about publishing now, I can see that was just a taste of the tenacity and courage I would need to make it in this biz.

WHEW! This is one long post ... and we're not done yet.

It's time for the Wonderland Bloggy Awards presentation.

I've met so many incredible bloggers over the last few months, so I'm going to be very generous with the awards (this is a bi-annual event, after all), in hopes you might meet one another and see the unique sparkle in each blog that makes it shine.

And the nominees are:

These talented bloggers not only rock at writing, but they're artists, too. Better I give them this award than attempt to tell them how impressed I am by that. Otherwise, I might start babbling like a crazed groupie.

 1. EEV

Simply put, these ladies are confident, savvy, and have attitude -- all of which comes across in every post. (BTW, Katey could also have been a recipient of the Artistic award, but I could choose only one. I chose wisely, I think.)

4. Marybk

These blogs are sometimes thought provoking and informative ... sometimes whimsical and witty. But whatever the case, I leave each post looking at the world or my writing craft with a fresh and new perspective.

What can I say but that these blogs always inspire me! They spark my writer's soul with their poise and optimism, and nurture my spirit with wisdom and encouragement.


These blogs provide a service -- be it agent interviews, writer interviews, or informative posts -- that offer insights and advice to up and coming writers. They are instrumental in helping others navigate the choppy and murky waters of both publishing and public image.


I always leave these blogs smiling, sometimes even doubled-over laughing. Their farcical, droll, and eccentric ramblings are one of a kind, comparable only to the Hatter himself.

And there you have them: the First Bi-Annual Wonderland Bloggy Awards nominees. Congrats to all of you!

As for rules, there aren't any. Just take your award with you and display it on your blog as a tribute to your talent. You work hard on your posts to give us informative and entertaining reads. This is my way of showing my appreciation. If you find or know of another blog (or five) that's worthy of your award, feel free to share it with them, although it's not a requirement.

Here's hoping I didn't forget anyone. But if I did, I'll be passing out another award on Wednesday which I received over the weekend, not to mention, we'll be having another Wonderland Awards presentation in six months. :)

Until then, happy blogging, and congrats to all of the recipients!

P.S. To post your award on your blog, just right click on the picture here and "save picture as." If you're on blogger, from your dashboard go into 'design' and 'add a gadget' and download the picture. I'm not sure how to imbed it on other blog formats. But with a little experimentation and ingenuity, you'll figure it out, because you're all a bunch of smarties. :)


  1. Are we related? LOL
    My second toe is longer than my big toe also.

    Truly, I am honored to receive this award. Thank you, thank you.

  2. Thank you my friend! Great themed idea - love it!!

  3. Awe! Thanks, Anita! I appreciate the compliment! I will definitely post the badge proudly (either later today or tomorrow!) You are such a sweetheart!

  4. Aww . . . thank you so much for my award, Anita. It means a lot to me that you find my blog inspirational :o) I will post it on my blog with pride! :o)

  5. A smile has formed on my face and I don't anticipate leaving anytime soon. Thank you very much :) It is so unbelievably awesome to hear that my blog inspires someone! I will over course display this award proudly!

  6. Dolls ARE creepy! So are clowns (remember the clown doll in "Poltergeist"? Shudder.)

    And when I was three I had an imaginary friend named John (where did name Zalicah come from?).

    Thank you Anita! You are too sweet and well deserving of the numerous blog awards bestowed upon you :)

  7. Thanks SO much for the awesome award which you may guess makes you rather Awesome Sauce!

    And the 7 Random things made me choke on my morning chocolate milk. You may want to add a disclaimer? The skiing one was particularly hysterical. So how is your skiing nowadays?

  8. Thanks, Anita! It is sooo pretty, I will polish it every day! ;D
    You are so generous, my friend, and I love the Wonderland theme. What a fun idea! Thanks for thinking of me. You are ROCKIN'!

  9. Oh, forgot to add: love your seven facts, especially the last one. It shows that you are kind and have empathy, but it also demonstrates your spirit and tenacity. Way to go, Anita!

  10. Now don't I just feel like a million bucks. Thank you so much for such a sweet award. I love seeing the time you took to put this blog post together and allowing us to meet some wonderful new people and to see some wonderful old followers who I've grown to know and love.

    Thanks for thinking of me Anita, you're a doll and it's been an absolute pleasure getting to know you!!!

  11. Awwww, you're so sweet. AND technologically savvy!! I'm impressed you made all those buttons. I SO cannot do that. Thanks SO much!! :)

  12. Anita, you are incomparable! What a lot of kindness and effort went into these, all to honor your pals. These awards are amazing and I am so thrilled to receive one! Now, I return to caper among the sassafras fronds in my goofy hat. Congrats to the fellow awardees...more blogs here to check out, methinks!

  13. P.S. By the way, YOU deserve an artistic blogger award because these awards are really gorgeous. Multi-talented, indeed!
    I love the latest 7 facts and the story about the creepy doll...and the skiing!

  14. Love the Wonderland-themed awards. Love. Thank you for the Instrumental Blog Award, and for the awesome online community you've been building around here!

  15. Good grief, you are such a show-off! Who puts together a blog THIS good while preparing for gall bladder removal?! Whatever. :)

    Thank you, thank you for my award! To be in a category with Kalen & PHRESH...I'm totally floored. This is awesome!

  16. Thanks for the award! I'm excited to add it to my blog.

    I'm a longer second toe person, too. Weird. And wild. I thought I was the only one.

  17. I am honored and humbled to win the Stylish Blogger Award!! I feel completely unworthy, but am inspired to try harder to live up to the title! Thank you, my diva friend!

  18. Bwahahaha! Mad as a hatter?!? I'll show you DROLL! I'll give YOU FARCICAL! I'll....dammit, you've completely trumped my completely made up fictitious awards. I feel positively derivative. Can't possibly give you one now, it'll reek of Mutual Appreciation Society-itis.

  19. Wow I am one lucky blogger... Thanks for thinking of my blog for an award. I am excited about putting this award on my blog and writing a post. Your 7 random facts where great, your brother sounds awesome. Thanks for being such a great friend.

  20. LOL... Mad as a Hatter? How perfect! You know me too well. ;-) Love it! Thank you! :)

  21. Woohoo!! You have officially made my morning, and I will treasure my Inspirational Blog Award as a new and BEAUTIFUL addition to my page. Thank you so much for all you do... YOU are the constant source of inspiration!

    I can't wait to get to know all my fellow award winners. Thank you sooo much for putting all this together!

    Oh yes, and I know the EXACT Twilight Zone episode that scarred you. "My name's Talking Tina, and I'm going to kill you??" Yikes, it still makes my skin crawl, all these years later... ;)

  22. Yay! I love my award! And the other awards! (Though the Food for Thought Award is clearly the best one. Good try for everyone who didn't get it! I'm sure your consolation awards will help ease the pain.) :)


    Also, I love your list. I had the same problem after watching Poltergeist. Dolls are creepy.

  23. Huntress, LOL! I'm SO glad to know I'm not the only cursed with this infirmity.;) And you're very welcome.

    You're welcome, Mindy! You earned it, girl.

    Carissa~ no problem! I'm sooo glad you like it! I was so impressed by that artwork you had up on your "seven things about me" post the other day. Blew me away.

    Hi Angela! I'm thrilled that it made you happy. Wear your badge proudly, because you really are an inspirational gal. :)

    Katelyn, YAY! I made you smile? That ROX. Enjoy your award. It's well deserved.

    I know, Marewolf! SO CREEPSTER CREEPY. And ick. Yeah, not a big fan of clowns either. Not sure how I came up w/the name Zalicah? My mom just said I up and started talking about her one day. Must've been after reading a few too many Dr. Seuss books. HEH. And you're very welcome, BTW. ;)

    Sophi~ YAHOO! I've always wanted to be Awesome Sauce!! Hmm. I'll think about that disclaimer. Wouldn't want anyone to sue me after strangling on their cinnamon dolce latte. Hee.

  24. You're so sweet, Anita! Thanks so much for the award. I love the entire idea :D

    re: 2 - I think that's way more common than people think and you should totally form a toe-awareness-alliance! :D

    3 - I have never heard a guinea pig squeal, fortunately. This is probably why I thought 'awww' when you said they wouldn't shut up until you fed them lettuce haha

    4 - Oh my god, I totally understand. When I was young, my mother got me a doll whose eyes appeared to follow you around the room. Like, that was the actual selling point of the doll--its eyes followed you. I WAS SO TERRIFIED OF IT. We kept it in the porch and I never went in there o_o Srsly, who thought that would be a good idea? I hope that person was fired.

  25. Thank you so much! I love it :). Will post on my blog right now!!

  26. Cherie, you're so very welcome (and deserving)! And thanks for the sweet words. You're always such an encourager. See why I like your blog so much?

    Jen~ you SHOULD feel like a million bucks. Your blog is incredible! I hope you realize how many writers you help every day! It's been a delight meeting you, too. ;)

    Hi Nina! You're welcome! And they were seriously fun to make. I'm so glad you liked yours. You are an amazing asset to the writing community. :)

    LOL, Jenny! You're so sweet to say that. I kept seeing everyone I wanted to give an award to GET the award I was planning to give, so I decided I HAD to make my own so I could honor all of my fantastic blogging buds. ;) So see, it was all self-serving. And no other blog award could fit you better, in my opinion. Thanks for ALWAYS making me LAUGH. :D

    You're welcome, Krista! You epitomize the term "instrumental" with all of the QT support and agent interviews you give. And I appreciate your very sweet words. Thank you, too!

    Haha, Bethany! I KNEW you would say something to crack me up. :) You're welcome, of course. And so very deserving!

    Kayeleen~ AWESOME. Another extended second toe-ee. WE're going to have to start a support group or something LOL.

  27. Jennifer~ See, I told you it fit you to a T. YOu are nothing if not stylish, diva sister. :) Looking forward to reading your seven things!

    LOL Kalen! What?? No award for me?? Heehee. Don't feel too bad. Jenny Phresh kind of beat me to the punch last night with her wacky awards. You'll have to hop over to look at those. They're hilarious! Something that only a warped and maniacal mind could concoct. Hmm. Something like your awards, no doubt. Heh.

    Jessica~ You earned it! And my brother IS awesome. He kept my life from being boring, that's for sure. The funniest thing is that Karma is on my side because his daughter is a miniature replica of me (I was a bit of a drama queen). So now he's raising the sister he tormented, and she's tormenting him in SO many ways, and I've got a ringside seat to the greatest show on earth. LOL

    Hey there Jen! Yes, I thought that was very fitting for your blog. I'm always giggling at your quirky posts! You are very welcome. :)

    Lisa~ YAY! I'm so glad you like the award! And thanks so much for the kind words. HAHA. I can't believe you remember that Twilight episode, too! IMO, it was WAY creepier than Chuckie could ever be. There's something to be said for psychological subtlety in horror, it really revs up the tension and suspense more than gore ever can. Keep up the good work on your lovely blog!

    You're welcome, Robin! And you crack me up with your acceptance speech. Hmm. Starting to think you might've been a good candidate for the Mad Hatter Award, too. LOL

  28. Lori~ Haha! That's so funny, I just said something like that in a comment to another long-toed victim. Great minds once again. :) And yes, one would think a squealing guinea pig would be cute until the pitch reaches one million decibels. Then it gets a little painful. LOL. EEK. That descrip of your doll made me SHUDDER. I hope that person was fired, too. Or at the very least, put in a room full of said dolls and forced to spend the night with them. Maybe that would cure their fettish for creeping out little kids. Harumph.

    You're welcome, Keriann! Enjoy. :)

  29. Awesome! Congrats on all of your awards & thanks for mine! Hope I have time to try this out!

  30. You're welcome Mandie! No rush on sharing the award. Just when you have some free time, and you're looking for a post to do, that'll be the day to do it. There's no expiration date on blog awards. :)

  31. Anita

    Thanks so much for the The Mad Hatter award!

    I see you saved me for last. And there is a saying out there that people save the best for last.

    There is also a song out there by Vanessa Williams called "Save the Best for Last".

    I will leave you fine people to reach your own conclusions about what all this means.

    In the meantime, I shall go look up the meanings of "farcical" and "droll."

  32. Oh, my dear friend, Anita. Thank you so much. I love my *Food for Thought* award. It's perfect, and I adore your Wonderland theme awards.

    I have an older bro, too, man. I sympathize. I'll have to see if I can work him into one of my seven reveals. :)

    Thanks again for this prestigious honor!!

  33. Thanks for the award, Anita! I'm loving the stories about you and your brother growing up, you seem like you guys had a lot of, um, fun times together.
    - Sophia.

  34. Thank you so much for my award! I love it! BTW, I am trying to convince my editor to get pigs right now! I had them growing up, and I LOVE them. He was reading your post over my shoulder, and I quote, "See?!?!?! They squeal!" I call it talking! :)

  35. THANK YOU SO MUCH, Anita! I'm seriously impressed with your button making skills, too! I'm so grateful you thought of me! Way to go on all the awards YOU received! Woot!

  36. WOW! And that is one super-cool beautiful award! Thank you very very much! I love Alice in Wonderland... And big CONGRATS to you! You racked up, my dear!!! :o) <3

    I love your random facts. You and I shared similar big bros... and your feet aren't freaky (LOL!) A longer second toe is a sign of intelligence. Yik on creepy dolls and squealing guinea pigs... LOL at your imaginary friend. Sigh. Good stuff here~ Thanks, again, dahling!

  37. David~ Haha. So, you figured out the underlying meaning, did you? I hope you enjoy that award! You've earned it, Mr. Comedian. ;)

    Hey Mary! You're most welcome. :) I can't wait to see your brother stories. At least you had a sister for an ally. LOL

    You're welcome, Sophia! Ha! Yes, my brother and I had/have a very unique relationship. LOL. He really is awesome (but I'll totally deny I said that if you ever tell him). No chance of him ever reading the blog, so you have no proof!

    HA, Rebecca! That's hilarious about your editor! :D It was like talking, until my brother stirred them up, and then it was more like SCREAMING. And he was the only one who could get them to react like that. Weirdest thing evah. ;) You're welcome, BTW!

    I'm so glad you like it, Ashley! And thanks for the compliments about my buttons. I had sooo much fun making them. Can you tell? LOL

    Oh, yay, Leigh! I'm thrilled you love it. :) And thanks for your sweet words. Hey, thanks for the heads up about the long second toe. I must be REALLY intelligent, then. Ha.

  38. Love it! Thanks for the award. And I agree with #4. For me it's the porcelain dolls with eyes that close are the creepiest of them all...

  39. You're welcome, Kaylie!And, ick. You mean the ones with the opening and closing eyes?? HATE those. I actually have a creepy scene in my Wonderland spinoff involving such a doll. Heh.

  40. Oh my gosh! LOL Look at all those awards. Sheesh. Congrats to you, BQE (yes, I do believe that title belongs to you know, lol)

    Thank you for my lovely award! I can't wait to put it up on my blog. ;-)

  41. Awww. Hey there Jessie! You know I've been dying to give you an award for like ... forever! And wow, REALLY?? I get to wear the BQE title? Tell you what. I'll borrow it, but only for today.

    It will always belong to you.:)

  42. What a cool idea, your wonderland awards fest! Brilliant--which I would hope everyone knows by now, it it needs said again.

    My second toe is longer than my big toe.
    I have a horror of feet, which I think comes from being a ballerina for the first half of my life. We all have really effed up feet--and the people who started with the longer second toe really got some pain. (I'm not sure if they did pointe or not. Ouch.)

    Yes, my brother was the bane of my childhood. I still love him, though I'm open to creative outlets for my pent up frustration. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and actively considered.
    I wish I knew! My brother was younger and still he tortured me. Ah well, we love them all the same...

    And as for the dolls, yeah, way scary. I was okay with mine until I read The Dollhouse Murders. Someone had bought me this porcelain doll that looked remarkably like me for a birthday... yeah. Double the freakiness :/

    Thank you <3

  43. Hey Katey! Thanks!

    Hmm. I guess it makes sense now that I was never a ballerina. Heh.

    So funny about your bro. And yes, it's true. Hard not to have some form of affection for someone who kept life from being too boring. ;)

    I've heard of the DOLLHOUSE MURDERS, but I've never read it. Now I'm glad I didn't. LOL

    So happy you stopped by!

  44. I think you (and anyone else who commented about her toes) should flaunt those so-called "freaky feet." Go get a pedicure. Let somebody pamper those feet, and then grab some flip-flops or sandals. You'll be amazed at how many compliments, not freakish stares, you'll get. Own those toes, sister.

  45. Haha! Thank you Beth. I've actually had a few pedicures in my time and LOVE them. :) You're right though. We need to form a mutant toe sisterhood and FLAUNT our assets. Ha. Thanks for stopping by.

  46. Thanks so much!!! I will post my bits of randomness this week :-) Loved yours!!

    You ROCK!

  47. Thanks Rachel! I'm so glad you like your award, and I can't wait to see your seven details. :) Hope you had a wonderful birthday yesterday!

  48. I once ran over a little girl while roller skating. She took it like a sport! Too bad you had to collide with a drama queen.

  49. I know, right? I was so stunned to see her pain free and flirty just a few minutes after her hystrionic fit. Lit a competitive fire inside me that I didn't even know was there. LOL

    I love roller skating! Well, roller blading, anyway. :) Thanks for stopping by Elizabeth!

  50. Congrats on all your awards, Anita. Your blog is special. Thanks for the "Cool Cat" award. It made my day!

    I have four younger brothers, and am very familiar with "brother bane". I should have had a bit of an edge being the oldest, but with four of them I really didn't stand a chance.

    I think you have the beginnings of a very popular post here: Creative Outlets for Pent Up Brother Frustration.

  51. LOL! That's a GREAT idea for a post series. You have such an entrepreneurial mind! I'm so glad you liked your award. :) You have a fantastic blog yourself, and I just wanted you to know your efforst are appreciated. Glad you stopped by!

  52. Just stumbled upon your blog and LOVE your wonderland themed awards. One of my all time favorite quotes is from Adventures in Wonderland.

    Great blog. And also, the larger second toe is supposedly a sign that you will be successful and/or prosperous. At least that is what the old shoe guy used to tell my brother. :)

    Also, I am bookmarking this so I can check out all the blogs in your post.

  53. Thank you, wosushi! Which quote is it, BTW?

    I am a Wonderland junkie. Check out my book video here ... somewhere in my sidebar. LOL.

    So funny about the toes! Let's hope that's true. ;)

    Have fun blog bouncing. :)

  54. I made it, albeit a little late in the day.

    Well done to you on three awards! and well deserved they are.

    Thank you sooo much for the award. I'm very honoured. And more, I'm so pleased to have made your acquaintance over the last few weeks thro' the A-Z. I'm sure now it's over, we shall move on as cyber/blog buddies and I look forward to sharing blogs and writing together.

    Alice in Wonderland was probably my most favourite book as a young girl.

    Thank you Anita

  55. Okay, I'm here, I'm here! Don't spank me! :)

    Ha ha, it appears I've tricked you into thinking I'm stylish! *snickers behind hand* Well, ummmm, thanks! :) No really, thank you VERY VERY MUCH girl. You're the best!

    Also, the doll thing...that's prettystinkingcreepy. I always hated the ones that had the pull strings to talk, but then, in the middle of the night, for no reason at all, when no one was pulling that friggin string, they talked, and it sounded like a record melting on a record player. *shutters*

    Thanks again Anita Fajita! (If I'm Anna Banana, then you're Anita Fajita).

  56. Yay, Debbie! I'm just glad you came by to claim your prize. You earned it! It's been lovely meeting you, too. And I look forward to reading more of your blog. We share tastes in books, that's for sure. :)

    Anna, hey you! About time. Tsk Tsk. LOL. No spankings, I promise. Yes, I do remember those horrific talking dolls. Just like the one in the Twilight epi. YIKES.

  57. Oh, and I LOVE ANita Fajita! Heehee

    FAjitas = yummy goodness, just like bananas.