Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My muse is GIZMO ... Rambo style.

Last week, I stumbled upon a Sisterhood of the Traveling Blog question posed by Deb Salisbury:

How would you personify your muse?

Well, my muse is sometimes fluffy and sweet and cooperative ...

Other times, an ugly, cantakerous, slimy beast.

What better personification than a gremlin? So, from this day forward, I dub my muse Gizmo.

Gizmo shares the same three rules for proper care and maintance as his cinematic counterparts:

1. Keep it away from bright lights.

Gizmo can be shy. He doesn't always want to come out to play. I've found he's most responsive in a dim room with only the computer's glow for company.

2. Don't get it wet.

Getting Gizmo wet (as in too many glasses of wine) causes his ideas to multiply too quickly, to wit my characters meander around aimlessly for chapters on end.

3. And don't feed it after midnight

If I make the mistake of going to bed with WIP on my brain, Gizmo responds with a nasty bout of insomnia. He doesn't care that I have a house to run and children to tote about which requires a full seven hours sleep before my seven a.m. wake up call.

But when Gizmo and I are on the same page, we get along splendidly. I guess I would even say he's my hero. A reluctant one at times, but a hero nonetheless.

So, to you Gizmo, I dedicate this song (can't take credit for the vid, just thought it was really cute!):

Chain gleaming
Switching lanes
Hate him or love him
For the same reason
Can't leave it
The game needs him
Plus the people need someone to believe in

So in God's own we trust
'Cause they know I'm gonna give 'em what they want
They looking for . . . a hero
I guess that makes me . . . a hero

Now, to all of you, how do you personify your muse?

This is an official traveling blog question for the month of June, so if anyone decides to post about this, let me know in the comments so I can come meet your muse! Until then, have a great weekend, and see you next week. :)


  1. Haha! I posted on this exact topic today. The whole personification thing doesn't really fit for me, but I love this! Very nice parallels to Gremlins.

  2. Hahhaaa, I never would've thought to compare mine to a gremlin. Hmmm. I don't know who my muse is. She's very shy and she only comes out when I'm typing but she's not controlling at all. In fact, I get jealous when I hear about pushy muses. I wouldn't mine being a little pushier. Heh.

  3. Sarah, I just read yours! WOW! I really liked your insights. Smartie. :) And I didn't realize this was a Sisterhoood of the Traveling Blog thing. I'll make sure to adjust my post to reflect that. Thanks for stopping by!

    Hi Jessie! LOL. Well, you KNOW how pushy my muse can get at times. His fave trick is to keep me up at night. Heh. I see you posted about something VERY exciting today!! I'm on my way over in a bit to cheer you on! :)

  4. Awesome! I am totally going to work on this for my next post. (Maybe my muse is a little pink plastic pony with a pickle on its flank?) Will alert you if I write it!

  5. Your muse is adorable!

    My muse may be less tangible. More like a swirl of colors or a presence. Some ghost or spirit who whispers to me in a strange language I have to riddle out the meaning of.

  6. Hey pony girl! LOL. Why does the word flank make me giggle so much? I can't WAIT to see what you come up with. :)

    Hey there Taryn! Thanks for dropping in. I like your definition of the muse. And yes, they can be downright cryptic sometimes, right? Heh.

  7. WAHOO! How fun--this is my next post!

    If you dare tell me that you FINALLY wake up at 7a.m. I will send my yet-to-be-determined muse to your house to kick Gizmo's furry little ass.

    I'm pretty sure Phresh has forever tainted the following words in my mental dictionary: BEET, GOAT and now, FLANK.

  8. Awww! I loved Gizmo when I was little!! I actually had a "stuffed" Gremlin for years (he was a creepy little thing ;o)

    Loved your metaphor. Your creativity never ceases to amaze me ;o)

  9. I loved Gremlins. That guy was way hot (not gizmo, his owner. Whatshisname?) I like the idea of a Gremlin as a muse!

    I always mock grumpy people by asking if they were fed after midnight or something (shockingly enough, not everyone gets the reference.)

    Hmmm..I'll have to think about this. I don't know if I have a muse (she goes on vacation a lot). If I think of anything good, I'll let you know.

    Love you mamacita! :)

  10. Bethany, LOL! Okay, I won't tell you what time I wake up. We'll just leave that between me and Gizmo. K? No butt kicking's are necessary! Can't wait to see what you come up with. Oh, and yah, pony girl's tainted quite a few words in the American dictionary for me, as well. HEH

    Hello Angela! Eek, do you mean you had a stuffed gremlin of the ugly variety? That would be creepy! Ha. And thanks for your sweetness, girl. You da best. :)

    Hey there Mare! That guy was hot. Whatever happened to him? I think the character's name was Alec or Alex. But I'd have to look up the actor's real name. LOL about mocking the grumpsters. Thanks for the mamacita love, my dear friend! :) Love right back at ya!

  11. Oh my...hmm. I'd have to say my muse is like...a sourpatch kid! haha. It's sour then it's sweet. Sometimes I can't think of anything when I want to write, an when I don't have time, all my ideas rush at me. Other times, my creativity is so good to me, and I can crank out a variety of stories and several pages! Their slogan is Sour. Sweet. Gone...that's kinda how it goes. lol.

  12. Haha, Ashley! That's great! And the motto is perfect for a muse. ;) Thanks for dropping in.

  13. HAHAHAHA Gizmo <3!

    hmmm I've never gave this much thought ... I guess I would have to say my muse is like a elusive butterfly. When I have it in my net words and ideas just seem to flow but when it escapes, sometimes its quite the challenge to capture again.

    A little hokey I know.

  14. Aw, that is perfect! Great movies to! I loved Gizmo!

  15. Hee. Hi Sophie-sauce! I liked your metaphor. In fact, it's very pretty. :) Not hokey AT ALL. Thanks for stopping by, my friend.

  16. Love this! Gremlins, ha!

    I think my muse is one of those plastic trolls with green fuzzy hair.

  17. Hey there, Mandie! Those were cute movies, right? Actually the first one scared me a little. Those gremlins were vicious!

    Hi Mary, dear friend. :) LOL! I love that. Troll muses. ;)

  18. You know what, I've never even thought of myself as having a muse. I'll have to think on this one.

    As for Gizmo...yes! I love Gizmo, I am going to have to break out Gremilins just for seeing his cute little face:)

    Good muse description!

  19. Hi Deana. :) I know, I've got a sudden hankering to watch the movie again myself. Wonder if I can talk hubbie into it this weekend? Thanks for stopping by!

  20. Gizmo!

    My lovely friend, you are brilliant as always. I'm so glad I'm finally catching up with you all 'cause I missed you (and the goat ladies too, of course!)

    I don't know what my muse looks like. She's been on vacay these past few days so I've forgotten what she looked like. =)

  21. Aww, thank you, Cherie luvie! This is just a fly by the seat of my pants post because I'm so busy lately. ;) But I appreciate your sweetness, as always. We've missed you, too! I hope your muse comes back refreshed and ready to work soon. ;)

  22. LOL! Gizmo! Too funny!
    My muse is Beyonce. Here's why: When she goes on stage she becomes a whole new person, a persona she's named Sasha Fierce. That's how I am. I'm all sweet and tiny voiced behind the page, then I get writing on it and I'm SASHA FIERCE! Ha! Or at least my muse is; she's up for anything.

  23. What the heck... I could've sworn I posted on here! {{scratches head}} I'm gonna go ahead and blame concussion brain. LOL!!

    I absolutely adore this post! Gizmo is my hero! I even had the Furbie version of him when I was a kid. (Which translates to: He's still sitting on a shelf in my adult bedroom... eh-hem).

    What's with all the musey posts as of late, too? Is the Muse-stream looking for a bit-o-recognition? Super cool!

  24. Hi Emily! Beyonce? LOVE IT! LOL. I totally get where you're coming from. The muse is a great source of courage and power, yes? Thanks for stopping by! :)

    Hey there Carissa! Haha about the comment! Who knows? I'd actually be more inclined to blame it on blogger than your bruised brain. Heh. Yeah, I guess muse is the newest phase: the dystopian of the blog world. :)

  25. That drawing of a shy-looking boy that serves as my blog banner, kinda? Yeah. That's him.

    His name is Aldo. Has been since I was 13. Poor guy is alllll effed up, but I love him for it.

  26. Oh crap, why did I hit enter?

    Getting Gizmo wet (as in too many glasses of wine) causes his ideas to multiply too quickly, to wit my characters meander around aimlessly for chapters on end.
    That almost made Coke Zero come out my nose because--yeah. Dude. Totally.

  27. And now I'll have nightmares about Gremlins. thanks. ;)

  28. Katey~ Really?? Wow. He's pretty hot. :) Hee. Yep. Think I would get inspired by a muse like that. LOL. And yeah, I really have to watch those wine binges. ;)

    Haha. Sorry Nina! They were creepy.

  29. He appreciates you calling him hot, even though he doesn't believe it.

    And yes, so do I. The wine binges will be the end of me, I'm sure. But I must admit that if I had to pick a way to go, that'd probably be it.

  30. Oh that's hilarious! How I laughed! :o)

  31. Katey~ That only makes him hotter. ;) Oh, and somehow I'm not surprised we have more in common than just a love of classical literature and faeries. :)

    Hi DU! So glad I made you smile. Have an awesome weekend!

  32. What an apt personification of your muse, and I liked how you lined up the parallels. Made me remember whe I first read the Gremlins Book, lol..

  33. Hi Myne! You mean there was a book?? Shame on me for not knowing that. LOL. I just watched the movie. ;) Thanks so much for stopping by.