Thursday, October 27, 2011

One day away from free Halloween reads...

Last week I explained the Fright Fest announcement on my calendar over to the right. I've reserved this Friday, October 28th, for a Creeptacular contest.

Last week's book trailer and today's, as well, are highlighting some of the books up for grabs. Tomorrow, I'll reveal all five books, and how you can win one.

Until then, here's a look at Fade, book 2 in the Wake Series by Lisa Mcmann.

The editorial review on Amazon has this to say: (Readers) who like the supernatural-tinged drama of shows like Ghost Whisperer and Medium may be tempted by this series.—Christi Esterle, Parker Library, CO

Here's a trailer to further tempt you...


Thanks for stopping by, and tune in tomorrow for your chance to win one of five creeptastic books! 


  1. Creeptastic! Thanks for the heads up. I'm plowing through the books I already have and pretty soon I'm going to need new material to read. ;)

    Have a happy, spooky weekend, lovely!

  2. Um, let me just take a second to SQUEEEEEEE! This looks so CREEPTACULAR I can't even stand it!

    Gosh, I look forward to Thursdays and seeing what awesome new reads my twink squad sister's suggesting!

  3. Jeepers! I got the chills--all over my arms, big old goose pimples. I WANT THIS ONE, TOO! HANDS OFF--I'm getting them all!!

  4. Oooh, an error ocurred when I tried to play it, so I'll come back later.

  5. J.A.~ Hope you win one!

    Cherie~ Busy reader girl. :) Good luck with your Nanoreads. You have a spooktacular weekend yourself!

    Kerri~ Hey twinkstah. Heehee. Glad you liked the video. It was super cool! Hope you come by tomorrow for the contest!

    Rookstar~ HEE. You naughty little goat. ME HOPES you win one!

    Jessie~ That's weird. No doubt it's a blogger glitch. Heh

  6. Sarah~ Right? This one really impressed me. Very simple and alluring.