Friday, October 28, 2011


As promised, today is the  Friday Fright-Fest Contest

If you tuned in for my last two Trailer Thursdays, I highlighted two of the books I'm giving away:

And here are the final three, for a grand total of FIVE FRIGHTFUL books up for grabs:

Before I tell you how to win, I have to thank some lovely ladies for giving me awards over the past several weeks:

Lady Gwen, Laura B, and Tina Moss gave me awards I've already received (located at the bottom of my blog) so I'm going to forgo the recipient protocol, but I did want to acknowledge their generosity. If you haven't visited their blogs, please hop over and get to know them. They're all upcoming and talented writers, each with her own unique voice.

Sparkly Miss Cherie gave me the "I ❤ Blogging" and because she knows I'm insanely busy, she charitably pardoned me from the step of passing it off to others. She just wanted to share it with me, so THANK YOU, lovely. ♥˘˘♥  

And lastly, Caitlin Vincent and A.M.Supinger  handed over this little treasure:

Which I'm using as part of my contest today. Thank you my pretties!

Okay, the rules for the award state I'm supposed to match/link my own posts with the seven descriptive words given, and then pass it on to seven others.

The free books are going to substitue for the "passing on" portion. (I know, technically I should give away seven books ... I work in words, not numbers! Hee)

And as for the seven links, I'm going to highlight one word in each post I link you to. You won't have to read the whole post to find it, but you WILL have to click over to find it. Think of it as a literary egg hunt.

Once you find the seven highlighted words, you'll need to arrange them into a quote from a famous horror movie and email me your answer (anita(at)aghoward(dot)com). **PLEASE don't leave your answer in the comments because I'll have to delete it.**

Here are three hints to help you figure out the movie and quote:

  1. This quote is perfect for my blog, or so says the Mad Hatter.
  2. A boy's best friend is his mother ... just ask the skeleton in the rocker.
  3. Running a motel can be bloody business.

And here are the seven descriptions and links to match:

Most Beautiful: Angels Among Us, because it's about my daughter who's the most beautiful person in my world. (Okay, my son's beautiful, too, but he'd totally freak if he heard me say that...heh)

Most Helpful: Fishing for readers with a three pronged hook... By putting a twist on the writer's rule of three, I suggested applying it to the first three lines in our novels to lure the reader in, and cited examples from published and non-published works. I also invited my readers to give it a shot with their first three sentences in the comments.

Most Popular: Book Deal! Overwhelmed, Ever-grateful, Blessed, and... Humbled. You guys are the BEST. I ended up getting 90 comments on that post, all because everyone was so genuinely happy for me. I'd also call this one most touching, because I was so moved by the camaraderie.

Most Controversial: Haha. Without question, the notoriously evil panty meme: Personally, I like panties. Still blushing over that one. Heaven help me if my parents ever stop by and read it. Eeps!

Most Surprisingly Successful: Finding my Zen. Another example of how wonderfully supportive my writer pals are. I never expected to have that many responses of people feeling the same way.

Most Underrated: Attack of the Bloodsucking Pygmy Goats...  Not underrated so much for me, but for poor Clive. I told him that silent film would make him a star. We can still make it happen ... let's get that video to go viral, yo! (◕‿-)

Most Prideworthy: Playing With Windows Movie Maker... I had so much fun making my first book video ever, and was so pleased with how it turned out. And it was fun sharing my enthusiasm with you.

Okay, there you have it. Have fun finding those seven words and the quote, everyone! I'll close the contest Sunday night at midnight central, just at the stroke of Halloween. Mr. will draw five names from the entries and I'll announce the winners on Halloween Day.

Thanks for stopping by, and have a SPOOKTACULAR (and safe) weekend!


  1. The contest was fun and, as I haven't been following you for very long, it gave me the chance to read some 'as recommended by you' posts, so thank you!

  2. Oohh, fun!! :) thanks for the giveaway, my beautiful friend. And I must say your seven posts are all very worthy (come to think of it, all of your posts are good!)

    And you're too sweet. Love ya back!

  3. So glad to rediscover your three-pronged hook post; loved the examples from your MSS and a lot of those in the comments (especially Kalen's, the show off!).

  4. omg! I know the line, but now I can't quite remember it... argh! Hang on... thinking, thinking, thinking... :D Happy Halloween, Anita!

  5. Something about the goat on the panty meme post makes me uneasy...

    I'm emailing you NOW. Come on, Mr. Random!!

  6. Cassie~ Say, that's even better than Easter egg hunt! LOL

    Sarah~ Thank you, too! I'm thrilled you stopped by and hung out for awhile. :)

    Cherie~ Aww. I feel the same way about your posts!

    Sophia~ Thanks Goblin Market Sistah. Good to see you around here again. And I agree. Kalen is a show off. Heh

    Leigh~ Oh, you can do it! Give it a try! Would love to see you win a book. :)

    Toyin~ And thanks for stopping by. :)

    Bethany Rookstar~ Hee. Yeah, me too. He's almost too happy. Go Mr. Random! Here's hoping you win one!

  7. Awesome! Scavenger hunts are fun. I'd really like to participate, but alas, I'm on a tight schedule today, with all these awards I'm handing out. Oh right, here's yours! It seems like you aren't going to see an end to the awards! You can add The Versatile Blogger award to your shelf! Come on Over Yonder to claim it. Congrats! :D

  8. Bailey~ LOL! You nicey. Thanks for the award! And I'm on my way over. :)

  9. Woohooo, look at you, being so creative with this scavenger hunt!! And I love your list; I've read most of these posts, but I'm going to give the new ones (to me) a whirl as we speak!

  10. Lisa~ Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed the ones you hadn't seen. :)