Monday, February 18, 2013

A Belated Valentine's Gift For YOU!

There's a new blog in town, folks!

The Valentines are a group of 14 YA authors debuting in 2014 who want to share their love of books and candy with YOU!

I have several good friends over there so I'm super-stoked to get the word out!

Let me introduce you to your Valentines:

Anne Blankman / Jaye Robin Brown / Bethany Crandell / Lindsay Cummings / Bethany Hagen / Kristi Helvig / Kristen Lippert-Martin / Lynne Matson / Jen McConnel / Sara Raasch / A. Lynden Rolland / Philip Siegel / Paula Stokes + one "Secret Valentine"

To kick off their author interview series--the SWEET SIX--they invited me to hang out tomorrow, February 19th, on their blog. And in homage to their fun-loving nature (because as you know all good valentines are generous and spontaneous), we're having a giveaway!

Here's what will be up for grabs:

Splintered Audio Book 10-CD set (a $20.97 value for FREE)
Swag Pack (1 signed Splintered bookmark,
1 sighned bookplate, and 1 Alice in Wonderland gift tag)
BTW, having listened to my own copy of the audio book, I assure you it is AMAZING. The narrator, Rebecca Gibel, is phenomenal at portraying emotions along with the different character voices, especially Jeb and Morpheus, my two leading men (her cockney accent makes me swoon).

I got chill bumps listening to it! Of course, that could be because this book is my baby, but still... it's FABULOUS! :)

Okay, enough gushing. I hope you'll stop over at The Valentine's and get to know these amazing authors and maybe win a prize or two. They have lots of fantastic things planned for you over the next year.

Thanks for dropping by, and have a great week!


  1. Congratulations Anita! How exciting. I'll have to go check it out.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth! Do stop by! It's a really nice blog. :)

  2. Looks like a fun site. I'll go check it out now.

    1. I hope you liked it! I love the valentine theme, myself. :)

  3. Loved your interview!! Thanks so much for swinging by our little nest for some fun.

    1. Thanks for having me over, gumdrop. It was a blast! *hugs you*