Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tag, anyone?

I know, I know. Today is Friday, and I'm supposed to have the super secret QueryTracker guest here to do my fifth QueryTracker Making Tracks interview.

Well, her schedule's been hectic this week, and after she heard about my own crazy week, she graciously offered to do her interview this coming Monday so neither of us would have to rush to get it posted today. So it'll be just a few days longer before I can unveil her identity. On the plus side, that means we get two QueryTracker success stories next week. ;)

Since I needed something quick for today, I decided a game of blog-tag might be fun.

Remember those summers when you used to run around barefoot outside until the sun went down, playing tag with your best buds in the dark? The scent of grass, dirt, and OFF stung your nose, and fireflies flickered on the lawn. The only other light was the star-studded sky hanging low and warm like a velvet blanket pricked through with millions of pinholes...

Well, I can't recreate the exact atmosphere, but we can play our own online version of tag, and we'll all be winners because we'll get to know each other better in the process. :)
So, here goes.

TAG -- Seven things you might not know about me:

1. I was a latch-key kid; I once chased my older brother around the house with a coke bottle to put an end to his incessant badgering. And that was the day of glass bottles, not the shatterproof stuff. Mom and Dad still have no idea what they missed in all those hours after school before they made it home…

2. In my childhood, we had a swimming pool beneath an oak tree in our backyard (one of those 6-foot above ground steel numbers) and I was convinced sharks congregated inside because of the shadows of the limbs.

3. My very first car was rewired wrong by my dad and each time I turned on the right blinker, the dome light flashed, too. My high school pals always knew it was me coming down the road at night because my interior would blink like a discotheque.

4. My husband broke his neck at Mustang Island several years ago while boogie boarding. He had surgery and is fine now — without any paralysis. Still, it was SCARY at the time.

5. I once entered a cake (decorated to resemble a snow-dusted birdhouse) in our State Fair and won best of show and first place.

6. I've always had a bone-deep desire to travel to Venice one day and ride in a gondola. This inspired me to write a historical fantasy about a society of vampires who travel by gondola on the subterranean lake surrounding their underground city.

7. I actually turned down an agent a few months before I got my first one. I'm saving the details for a future post, so consider that a teaser. Heehee


Okay, now YOU'RE IT!

Anyone who wants to play along, leave a comment letting me know and I'll hop over to your blog to read your seven things. Make sure you invite your readers to play, too.

Those of you who don't want to participate on your blog, I'd still love to hear from you! Say hi or leave one or two interesting tidbits about yourself here.

Also, remember to join me Monday to meet our QueryTracker guest and hear about her unconventional climb to publishdom sans an agent. Until then, anyone who's spending time with friends or family for the Easter Holiday, I wish you fine dining and lovely memories.

Happy weekend to all!


  1. Cute idea! I don't know if I can come up with seven interesting things about me though. lol. Let me think about this one for a while . . . ;o)

  2. Wow, all super interesting (and funny!) things about yourself :D

  3. I'm game. (Not sure I can attack my own blog today with 7, but I can certainly add a couple here)

    1) When I was about 6, I had a small collection of warts on my right knee. For months we tried everything we could think of to get rid of them. Freezing, CompoundW, slicing the suckers off...the just kept growing back. While visiting my Grandma H. in Michigan that summer, she told me the cure was simple. Sit outside under the light of the moon and rub a raw potato on my knee and they'd go away. (Crazy woman!) IT WORKED! Two days later, warts were gone.

    2) I drank beers with a few of the members of Aerosmith in a hotel loung at my husband's Christmas party a few years ago. (Sadly, not Joe or Steven)

    and...hmm...I'll go with this little tid-bit

    3) I once leaned into one of those outside-the-7-11 ice cooler deals to grab a bag of ice and my hair got sucked up into the internal fan. BETHANY WAS STUCK! (not funny)

  4. Alright, Anita. I did it. =)

    P.S. You will have to bake me a cake sometime. Best of show and first place--you go girl!

  5. Hey there Angela! Believe me, they don't have to be all that interesting. You saw what I tossed up there, right? LOL Let me know what you decide!

    Lori~ Hey there! So nice to see you! And thanks. I actually have lived a pretty boring life. Kind of sad when one of the most interesting things you've ever had happen is a blinking dome light. Heh. So glad you dropped by my blog. I'll be stopping by yours later today. ;)

    Bethany~ Wow! Yours are VERY interesting! How did you get out of that fan?? That had to be scary! Thanks for sharing those. The wart thing had me almost rolling on the floor. Haha

    Yay, Cherie! I'll be over to check it out as soon as it appears in my side bar. :)

  6. Remind me never to tell you about the time I "smelled something hot!" so I placed my hand firmly on the very toasty burner to see if that was the source. (slightly inebriated that night)

    My husband is still laughing about the ice-cooler bit--he's the one who de-tangled me.

    It's still not funny.

  7. Aww. Bethany, I wan't laughing at that one, I swear! But I can just see your hubby giving you a hard time. Typical. LOL

    But the toaster story? That one's pretty hilarious, I have to admit. :)

  8. I can TOTALLY relate to the shark thing. I watched Jaws at an impressionable age and forever after have been convinced there is something lurking in any deep/dark water. I also used to be scared of the drain in the bathtub (something I have thankfully gotten over).

    Anyways, I posted my seven things to my blog. Thanks :) That was fun.

  9. No way, the blinking dome light was hilarious! Those are the sorts of things you can look back on and laugh about, and they make life a lot richer :D

  10. Love the thing about your car. I had a green 1978 Nova named Gwendolyn. :)

    I'd like to read that gondola story some time...

    I twitted 7 things to you. You'll have to wait until MONDAY to see them. Mwahahaha.

  11. Yay, Marewolf! I'll be by to check them out. :) And yep, I think that's where I came by my fear. Watching jaws. And it didn't help that my brother kept preying on my fear once he realized I had it. Heh. Now you see why I had to get dangerous w/the coke bottle, right?

    Haahaa. Thanks Lori! It was something I got teased about A LOT from my school pals, but it was always in good fun and I laughed right along w/them. It's actually a very fun memory; and you're so right. Things like that enrich our lives, no doubt. ;)

    Aww! I love that you named your car! In SPLINTERED, my MC, Alyssa, named her car Gizmo. Well, her dad named it actually. Things like that breathe life and authenticity into your story and characters, I think. You're so sneaky, tweeting your seven! You know, I'm going to go have a sneak peek. But YOU will have to wait until Monday for my responses. Turning that evil laugh back around to you. Har!

  12. Oh fun .. I will give it a go!

  13. Awesome, Sophie! I'm on my way over to read your seven! Thanks so much for stopping by and playing. :)

  14. I'm playing!! Give me a sec and I'll have it up! Cherie - I saw yours too!

  15. Woohoo, Mindy! I'm on my way over to read...

  16. Hey Anita this Blog Tag game was SO much fun! Thank you for coming by the blog to say hello! Hope to do something like this again.

  17. Marybk ... Heehee.

    Sophie, thanks! I'm so glad you played, too. And you have a great blog! I'll try to stop in again, soon.

  18. Anita -- I SO remember playing tag outside until all hours in the summer...Kick the Can and some game we called Bloody Murder. Did anyone else ever play that, or was it made up by the older kids to terrorize us? (It was basically tag, but SO much louder b/c being tagged also involved screaming as loud as possible...screaming bloody murder, in other words.) Great post!

  19. I'm playing! I just posted. Love your disco car. You were so LUCKY! :)

  20. Hey Brenda~ I never played the Bloody Murder version, but it sounds FUN! Bet the parents loved it. LOL Thanks for dropping by.

    Yay! Thanks for playing, Robin! And yeah, I guess looking back, it was one of the best mistakes my dad ever made. ;)

  21. I'm visiting from Robin Week's site. What a fun idea--and what interesting things to find out about you. So glad your hubby is okay. The wrong wiring on your car made me laugh!

  22. Hi Donna! Congrats on winning the book! It sounds like a fabulous read. :) And thank you so much for the sweet words about my hubbie. He's great now. Playing golf and softball once a week. I'm so thankful for those wonderful doctors. Nice to meet you, and thanks for stopping by!

  23. I'll do a couple here!

    1) I used to work as a front desk person at a pretty big hotel. I got to meet a few celebrities, including David Carradine (Kill Bill and many other movies) and William Peterson (played Gil Grissom on CSI). I also met all the guys from that Ghost Adventures show. My coworkers got to meet some bigger names though.

    2) The only bone I've broken in my entire life is my toe. Everything else is still intact.

    3) I once was sitting on a tree branch and didn't realize my foot wrapped in this rope we were using to climb the tree, so when I jumped off the brang my I got hung there by my ankle, screaming and crying until my friend stopped laughing long enough to get me down (I was only like 10, don't judge!)

    4) I've never gotten a speeding ticket or any kind of ticket. So far *fingers crossed*.

  24. Whoa, sorry for the typos in the tree incident! I jumped off the "branch". LOL

  25. It's all good Keriann. We've all been victims to the occasional typo. LOL

    Thanks so much for sharing these! How cool about the celebs. Wow. And the fact that you've never had a speeding ticket? That's amazing! I'll bet your insurance company loves you. :)

  26. Those are fun facts! My brother and I weren't latchkey kids, but we still had some silly moments like the one you described. And wow, scary's right re: your husband's accident! Man! Can't wait to hear your agent story~

    Have a great Easter weekend! <3

  27. Hey there, Leigh! Thanks for stopping in. I suspect EVERY kid has secret stories like that bout their siblings which would make their parents' hair stand on end. LOL

    I look forward to telling the agent story. You have a good weekend, too! :)

  28. Great list! I was a latchkey kid too, and I remember some pretty crazy stuff that happened before the 'rents came home! Thanks for the memories!

  29. Heh. No problem. They were fun to remember for me, too. :) Thanks for stopping by, and nice to meet you!

  30. I played! Feel free to stop by my blog and check out my answers! :)

  31. Haha, Jenny! I was hoping you would. I KNOW yours will be hilarious. I'm on my way over to read...

  32. Hi Anita

    I shall combine this with the blog I'm doing tomorrow - I won two blog awards so have to do something similar.

    Bye for now

    warm wishes

  33. Cool, Debbie! Thanks for playing, and congrats on the awards. :)

  34. And thanks for playing, too, Carissa! Your seven things were amazing. :)

  35. How fun, Anita! I blogged my seven things and linked to yours! You're so creative. Cake decorating? You have more patience than I! Cupcakes are more my forte. :)

  36. Yay, Ashley! I checked out your things and mine PALE. Heehee. LOL about the cupcakes. I think we'd get along pretty great in the decorating dept, though. ;)

  37. Okay, this looked great, though I'm thinking mine are not half as good as yours!

  38. Ha, I just read yours and they WAY trump mine. ;) Thanks for stopping in!

  39. Hi Anita,
    I'm relatively new to the world of blogging and I've really enjoyed participating in your blog-tag. It's been a great opportunity to discover some interesting blogs.

    I love your #7:turning down an agent. How often does that happen?!

    Trying to think of seven for my blog brought back lots of memories!

  40. Thanks for playing the game with us, Dawn! And yeah, that was a scary decision, to turn down the agent. I'm looking forward to giving more details later. It's so nice to meet you!