Monday, July 4, 2011

Posie & Mosey Monday: In honor of our heroes on this Fourth of July...

~Tina Gray

All is quiet…
a sinister silence unique to a land
swallowed in ash and smoke.
As weapons deploy,
a fuming veil surrounds the godless void.

He rises alone,
creeping on his belly like an eel
along a cinder sea-floor
of soot and grim fate.
In his weary heart he harbors a forged hate
against a race of unseen faces.

Tears moisten his tired eyes-
not spawned of fear nor pain,
triggered instead by an ashen rain
falling in tufts – ebony as raven’s down.

He stumbles upon a marshland
and cleanses his filth
with a cascade of stagnant paradise.
His happiness doesn’t hinge on
filtered water or fresh drawn baths.
His heart sings just to be alive.

He lives off the scabs
of a blistering, blighted land…
morsels of creeping things
and acrid sops of tangled weeds
are ambrosia to this half-starved man.

In this alien land he struggles to find footing-
all the while assuring the solid foothold of his home.
He has come to deliver her from a fiery blight
of tyranny and dread-

To become a hero,
in a world where heroes are soon trampled
and cast aside as forgotten dead.

He fights with human strength
in a war induced by human weakness;
struggling against an unseen evil-
to save us all from the evil within ourselves.

This is no common man…
He is a Soldier.

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