Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Times are a changin'...

First, I want to apologize to everyone for my absence on your blogs last week. Blogger kept erasing my comments the instant I pressed 'comment.'  If anyone else is having this problem, try what worked for me: clear both your COOKIES and CACHE, then shut down the browser before going to . Don't login, press CTRL-F5 and then try logging in. Since I've done this, it's fixed the problem on all but a few blogs. So those of you I still haven't visited, I'm trying to get there. Darned if I'm going to let some minor programming glitch keep me from hanging w/my blog pals. Gar.

Also, thank you everyone who participated in my Happy Holiday Contest. I'm so sorry some of you had to email me your questions due to this blogger weirdness. BUT, I did have several entries who provided some great questions for my interview with Patrick. In the interest of complete fairness, I assigned each name a number in the order of their entries, and let Mister decide the winner of the Premium QT Membership. He chose:

Ms. Jenny Phresh

Yay! It couldn't have happened to a nicer pony. :)

On a final note, I have an announcement.

Things have taken a big turn for me. In the words of one of my dearest friends (Bethany, aka shakira goat--hee) my life is different than it was six months ago. Blogging, interviews, edits, book videos, twitter, web designing, and working with a young adult who has Asperger ... the list goes on and on.

My writing is suffering.

Now that I’m getting paid to do this, I can’t mess around. I used to be able to whip out a book in six months and lately I’m lucky to get in a couple of thousand words in a week. Back then I only blogged once a month or so. That tells me that the blogging has to give.

I want to keep this blog alive. I love my followers, and I love interacting with everyone. But the creative side of my mind, the one that writes posts, needs to be concentrating on the WIP. I'm under contract to write a second book, after all.

So here's my plan.

I'll keep up with the poetry posts on Mondays and the first Friday QT interviews. I'm giving up my Wednesday posts. Instead, on Thursdays, I'll post book trailers (because that requires very little thinking/preparation on my part) and leave comments open so we can discuss them. Thank you, Sarah over at Sarah's Books & Life, for hosting the Trailer Thursday blog hop. Since I'm such a visual person, this will be a fun way to keep my blog interactive and alive while I'm working on my writing.

If you'd like to join the hop, click on the button below to see Sarah's blog linky where you can sign up to take part. Or just hop over to see if any of your friends have joined in.

In keeping w/my blog's motif, I'll mainly post book trailers that strike me as dark, melancholy, creepy, or atmospheric. That is, unless I happen to have a pal w/a book coming out that needs some prop love. ♥˘˘♥

And yes! That's an open invitation. If any of you have a trailer you would like me to consider posting, leave a link in the comment section. (I prefer videos that don't exceed 3 minutes.)

Please drop by tomorrow for my first official Trailer Thursday. I'm going to be posting my newest Windows Live Movie Maker creation (a book trailer for the adult lit romance that Agent Goddess is about to send out).

I will still write new posts once or twice a month, divided between here and the TeenShiver blog. Over on my sidebar, I have a calendar set up that will lay out my blog schedule for each month so you'll know where to find me.

As you can see, this Friday is a Query Trackers interview, so remember to drop by and see who the guest is.

Things are changing in the land of madness ... and I hope you'll all be willing to roll with the punches with me. I never want to lost sight of my friends and fellow writers. You are my backbone.

I'll see you all in the blogasphere, from time to time. ;)


  1. Hey girlie, You gotta do what you gotta do. :-) Blogger is eating my comments too, but only on blogs who don't have the pop-up comment window.

  2. I love book trailers! I totally get where you're coming from with the time crunch, and you have to make those difficult decisions.

    On the blogger issue, have you tried Google Chrome's browser? I had blogger publishing issues when using other browsers. :(

  3. You are my new organizational hero!

  4. Jessie~ Thanks pal. :) And yes, blogger is VERY temperamental. Sigh.

    Mary~ Yay! I love book trailers, too! I'm actually kind of a junkie. Hee. I look into that browser thing. Thanks!

    Kathryn~ LOL. Well, we'll see if my attempt at organizing works. I'm not yet worthy of hero status unless I finally start getting my wordage in again. Ha!

  5. I understand completely, Anita! I'm probably going to have to stop blogging daily, it's just not a possibility while the WIP is on the stove. We'll see what shakes out though!

    Once my trailer is finished, i'll so be sending it to you!

  6. It's TOTALLY understandable! You've got to make time for the thing that brought (most) of us together to begin with..WRITING!!!! We'll be cheering you on from the sidelines of the interwebs, no matter when/where you're posting!

    Oh, and HOLY AWESOME, I can't wait for the video trailers! You speaka my language twink squad sistah. <33

  7. Mindy~ I don't know how you post as often as you do. I'm starting to suspect you might be wonderwoman. Or at least wear wonderwoman underoos. Hee. Can't wait to see your trailer!!

    Kerri~ Aw, thanks for the luv, twinkster. Yes, I <3 book videos LOTS! Woohoo!

  8. I was sworn to secrecy, but since it came up on its own, I feel at liberty to tell you this: Mindy IS Wonder Woman. I can't tell you who forwarded me the photographic evidence--but I've got it. And that invisible jet--not invisible at all. It's actually a light blue Prius with 'Obama 2012' stickers on the bumper. The media is not to be trusted!

    Congrats to Phreshy Phresh!! I cannot wait to see how Patrick answers all those cool questions.

    Weekly blog posts or more AG Howard fictional masterpieces?? Hmm... *scratches head* That's a no-brainer, baby! WRITE AWAY!

  9. Hey lovely, I've had the same problem with disappearing comments.

    Anyway, don't worry about us and don't apologize for not having time to visit (says the girl who apologizes profusely for not blogging and not visiting blogs aka me). We'll be here for you...always.

    Go write your book because that's the best reward you can give us, your wide-eyed followers who follow you everywhere like puppy dogs (or goats, whichever you prefer) ;D

    Love to you, my dear!

  10. Oh, btw, I gave you an award. But for you, you don't have to do the rules, luv. Just display it on your sidebar and we'll call it good. ;D

  11. Totally understand!! As you may have noticed, my blog is void of it's usual Wednesday post. I've been busting my hump trying to get my synopsis in tip-top shape. Writing ALWAYS comes first. :o)

    Looking forward to the QT interview! Best of luck on the WIP!!

  12. Hey, if you've gotta have a problem this is the one to have! I will miss your Wednesday posts, for sure, but I do look forward to your trailer choices. Mmmm visual stuff <3

    And I'm sure I can still catch you on twitter now and then to catch up with the other stuff, right?

  13. I'm in the same position as you, so I know how you feel. I used to be able to write 10-20 pages a day, until I started blogging regularly. I was lucky to get that done in a week, and that was only because I was going to sleep at 2 AM. I had to cut back on blogging, too. That's why I started the "Three Things" blog feature. I can write about three new things, which sort of consolidates three blog posts into one.

    Good luck with your new blog schedule. I don't know about everyone else, but I'll be sticking around. :D

  14. I told you already but I am SO EXCITED and grateful for my prize! Thank you, random number generator! QT Premium looks pretty awesome; I am still getting used to it and trying it out.

    And, we fully support your efforts to devote more time to your books. We want to stack them on our bookshelves, one by one, and they will be even more wonderful than the lovely comments and blog posts that you have produced over the past months. Keep on!

  15. Rookstar~ I KNEW IT. Finally, the truth is out. Kind of disappointed about the invisible jet, though. I idolized that thing. Heh. Thanks for the support, pal!

    Cherie Sparkles~ You're the sweetest! Thank you. Both for the free of charge award and for your wonderful encouragements. :)

    Angela~ Hey there! Yay you on the full request, my friend! And you get out there and kick that synops in the butt. Show it who's boss, okay? You can do it. :)

    Katey~ Thank you friend. And yep, I love me some eye candy. :) And of course, we have email and twitter to keep us all connected (plus i'll still visit your blog from time to time).

    T.S. I love your three things series! It's an awesome idea. Here's hoping both of our new schedules work for us. And thanks for hanging around. Much appreciated. :)

    Pony~ YAY! I'm so glad your prize makes you happy! And thanks for the support, as always. Knew I could count on my goats!

  16. You gotta do what you gotta do... And you are going to be HUGE, so you gotta do it right, you know? You are awesome, and don't worry, everyone here knows where you're coming from, and we want to read your books, so get to work! :)

  17. Lisa~ Thank you for your vote of confidence! LOL. From your keyboard to the readers who can make it happen! Here's hoping. ;) I kind of get the same feeling about you. AHEM. Hee