Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Step Into My Nightmare ... and win a prize.

If you'd like to know what the first half of the title is all about, you'll have to visit my new young adult and middle grade group blog, ADR3NALIN3: Books that are worth losing sleep over. I spilled my guts out over there today, almost literally, sharing some of my weirdest fears and how I developed them. As to the prize part, we'll get to that in just a second...

I've made some changes on my sidebar to reflect efforts at building an online presence for my upcoming book, Splintered, and ADR3NALIN3 is one of those changes. That doesn't mean I won't still be posting here. I'll continue my Monday poetry spots here, keep posting any news I might have, and also have my QueryTracker series every first Friday.

But two Wednesdays a month I'll be posting at the new blog. I'll keep you apprised of where I'll be by the calendar on the sidebar.

Speaking of the calendar, as you can see, I'm taking part in a HUGE blog race next week with 58 other Apocalypsies -- fellow 2012 debut authors of YA and MG books -- and there will be prizes galore to be had! More deets are to come on Monday, but for now, here's a sneak peek at two of the prizes I'm putting up for grabs:

Alice in Wonderland gift tags/bookmarks from

Lady’s bronze vintage locket/pocket watch

So if you're interested in free goodies, stay tuned.

Be sure to visit and promote the ADR3NALIN3 blog. There are some great YA and MG authors over there, several already published and with a large fan base, so I'm hoping for good things all around.

Thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you next week for the YAmazing Race and MGnificent Prizes! Until then, have a fabulous and safe weekend.




    *please let the comp be international, please let the comp be international...*

  2. Cool prizes!! Looking forward to checking out that new blog--you sure are a busy girl these days ;o)

  3. Tamara~ Yes! The race is open internationally, so be sure to stop by for some fun and the chance to win that awesome locket. :)

    Hi Angela! Yes I'm very bizzy (busy and dizzy combined). A lot of work goes into getting a buzz started for a book. Hee. Thanks for stopping by ADR3NALIN3! You da best, little goatprincess. :)

  4. Wow, the new blog looks scary haha. And a huge blog race... sounds like a lot of fun! Looking forward to hearing more about that.

    Also, you changed your profile pic! I love it! You're so pretty :D

  5. My word, you are a busy girl! And because I'm not sick of saying this, I'll say it again: You are DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS, my dear! You've been holding off on all of us for a long time. Let that beauty shine!!!

    Love ya much!

  6. How exciting! I'm seriously so happy for you!

  7. The YAmazing Race and MGnificent Prizes sounds like tons of fun, I can't WAIT! And those bookmarks are LOVELY (as well as the locket) I'll have to check out the website.

    Hope you're having a great day! *Puts head back into WIP*

    *pulls head out of WIP* I'm heading over to ADR3NALIN3! <3 <3

  8. Lori~ LOL! Thanks! It's actually a pretty cool place to hang out. They have lots of great writing tips. I just decided to be creepy today. Aw, and you're so sweet to say that about my pic. Thank you again!

    Cherie~ Oh, stop! No, wait, don't! LOL. You're going to make me blush, you know. Love ya much right back!

    J.A.~ Thank you sweet friend! And I like you're new blog, BTW. Got your linky changed on my blog role.

    Kerri~ Yes, you must try to win some lootage! Now, back to work on that WIP. I want to read that angry cake kiss scene one of these days. Hee

  9. Ooh, the locket/pocket watch kind of reminds me of the necklaces in Pirates of the Caribbean 2/3. Very cool!

  10. I love me some free schwag. BRING IT, BABY! I'm off to read about your phobias now.

  11. Nightmares, you say?! Prizes, you say?! Excellent, I say! >:D

    Can't wait until I can pre-order Splintered! Lead on to awesomeness, #goatmaster!


  12. Woohoo! Those are awesome gifts! I'm heading over to read your post now...

  13. sophia~ Ooh, hadn't thought of that! Now I wants to keep it for me. Ha. Oh well, too late. You must come back and try to win it. Then we can keep it in our Goblin family. :)

    Rookstar~ I'm bringin'! Here's hoping you win some! Better start schmoozing Mr. now.

    Riley~ Yay! I can't wait until I actually have a Splintered cover to show off. That will be worth giving prizes over for sure. YES. But until then, let the YAmazing races begin! And ROFL, I think you just gave me my tweet with that awesome song!

    Jessie~ Hey lady. I'm on my way over to your blog right now. Tread lightly over at the nightmare post ... there's some creepy crawlers hanging around. EEK.

  14. AWESOME! Hitting up your new venture right now - I really enjoy group blogging myself!

  15. Woohoo! On my way there as we speak! :)

  16. Anita - I'm thrilled for you. It sounds as if things are really coming together for you. I'm waving my pom poms as heard as I can!

  17. Mindy~ I'm really enjoying this group blog! I need to hop over to yours. I'll try to get over there this weekend...

    LisaAnn~ Thanks so much for the support!

    Jane~ You are such a lovely person! I appreciate your constant encouragements. :)Thank you!

  18. I'm intrigued. It all sounds very exciting. Will have to check it out.

  19. Please do, Madeleine! Come back Monday and join in the race for a chance to win!

  20. loving the group blog! looking forward to the book.

  21. Alwayslaughing, thanks! I can't wait to see what they do for the cover. Things are getting exciting now!