Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Meet Splintered's Naughty Hotty...

Today I'm over at my YA group blog ADR3NALIN3 with Splintered's bad boy. It's a recap from a post I did here last year, so anyone new to the blog who wants a little peek at Morpheus, just hop right over. He'll make it worth your while. ;)

Also, Friday I'll be having the lovely Rachel Harris over for a successful QT author interview. We'll talk about her debut YA:

Pitched as MTV's Super Sweet Sixteen meets Ever After

Hope to see you then!


  1. MTV's Super Sweet Sixteen meets Ever After? sounds awesome. Can't wait to read the interview.

  2. I'm with Jennifer--that description doesn't get any better!!

    And...yeah, if EVER there was a post to recap, it's the Morpheus post. *wipes suddenly sweaty brow*. Good heavens...

  3. Jennifer~ I know, that's one amazing pitch, right? ;)

    Bethany~ LOL. Just you wait. I'm planning a Jeb post VERY soon. Let the swooning begin. :)