Monday, July 9, 2012

Off with your heads!

Oh, wait, wrong expression. I meant, "Heads up!" Heh.

A few quick public announcements:

1. FERAL SPLINTERED SWAG ON THE LOOSE: If anyone reading this won a Splintered button in a previous contest/giveaway and never received it, please email me (using my contact info) and I'll see that you get it. I have a friend who works at my local post office and he found one of my buttons in a mail sorting machine. Apparently, the sneaky devil escaped its confinement and rolled far, far away from any envelope or package that could tell us where its destination was. GAH! If the button was meant to belong to you, I will tame it, bind it, and send it on its merry way (the little naughty).

2. AESTHETIC UPHEAVAL IN THE LAND OF MADNESS: By this coming weekend, I'm planning to start changing the formatting here in the land of madness in order to make it website worthy. So don't be afraid if you pop over and see mismatched backgrounds, experimental banners, and runaway text. It's just like when you rennovate your home, you have to make a mess before the beauty can shine through. So please bear with me and be patient, I'm hoping we'll all be happy with the end result. :)

3. LOCAL AUTHORS PROVE ADEPT AT NAVIGATING ROCKY TERRAIN: I am so proud of all of my author/blogger pals, but two of them went through the wringer during their writing journey and could've turned their back on their dreams. Instead, they chose to follow the Galaxy Quest code of honor (demonstrated in this short video):

Due to their unrelenting faith and their refusal to ever give up the fight, those pals both now have amazing things to celebrate. Want to share in their accomplishments? Hop over to their little galaxies here in the blogasphere and read their stories, and don't forget to pat their backs for a quest well done:

Congrats, my lovelies! I tip my Mad Hatter's cap and raise a tea cup to you both. May your futures bring many happy sales and book signings!

Everyone else, thanks for stopping by, have a great week, and I'll see you soon(ish)!


  1. BUTTONS GONE ROGUE. (That's my new band!)

    Can't wait to see what you come up with for the new site and sincere thanks, appreciation and gratitude for all the love and support you've provided me. If I get a pat on the back for my perseverance, than you get a bird bath margarita and a high-five for putting up with me. You are THE best!

    1. Hee. You and your bands. YUM. I do love me a good birdbath! And there was no "putting up with" involved. You've done your fair share of talking me down out of the rafters, Rookie. ;)

  2. Woo hoo! So proud of Lisa Ann and her success story! And LOL! I think there should be a short story about the button gone awry! :D

    Good luck w/the revamp. I've been playing around with the idea, but for now, I'm on a deadline... <3 ((hugs))

    1. Haha! Great idea, Leigh. If I only had time to write that short story. Kind of reminds me of Flat Stanley, the little paper boy who went all over the world in an envelope. :) Good luck w/that deadline!

  3. That is too funny about your swag!!! LOL Thank goodness you had a friend there. ;-)

  4. That story about the runaway swag cracked me up. Apparently I need to get on better terms with my local post office people in case the same happens to me some time. Oh! and I LOVE Galaxy Quest! :)