Saturday, October 27, 2012

Some *FRIGHTFUL* Halloween fun...

If you're into free books, Halloween festivities, and hanging out with readers and authors galore, be sure to stop over at WinterHaven Books' *Authors Fright Festival* on October 31st.
There's an awesome line up of over 40 authors, a huge giveaway, and creepy fun to be had by all!!!
Hope to see you there, you mad little punkins. ;)
P.S. Happy Halloween!


  1. Yay!! I can't wait to have it posted!!

    1. Me, too! Thank you so much again for inviting me to take part. ^.^

  2. Ah, so more awesome lies ahead for the near future.

    I see, I see. I am most definitely pleased with this. Yes. Yes, indeed.

    *gives up trying to sound mysterious* -___- We both know I failed. :p

    Still, this sounds awesome. I'll be sure to bookmark the page and check back Halloween.

    Yours truly with love,
    The All-Too-Awesome Stalker Kaede.

  3. Sounds a little freakish!!! LOL Thanks for the heads up.