Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A little Meme and a lot of You-you.

As I mentioned last week, I've been tagged by my fleet-footed Goblin Market sister, Miss Sophia Richardson. One of the things I like about this particular meme, is it's only partly about me. The last half of the questions made me spill the beans on what I think about my blogging pals. So if you're one of the names listed below, today's your day of reckoning, yo! Heh.

And we're off!

Do you think you're hot?

Ever heard of body dysmorphic disorder? I’m almost 100 percent convinced Michael Jackson suffered from this condition. My husband insists I have a touch of it. Not to the extreme that I do harmful or surgical things to my body to fix myself, but enough that I can never measure up to what I consider beautiful. I’ve been known to obsess about my nose, toes, or tushie for weeks on end before letting it fall by the wayside for a new bodily / facial obsession. Fact is, the person whose opinion matters most is my significant other, and he seems happy enough with his lot in life, so let’s leave it at that and move on to a less humiliating question.  ;)

Upload a picture or wallpaper you are using at the moment.

This picture inspired the premise for my latest WIP, a YA Phantom of the Opera spinoff. I usually use wallpaper that ties in with what I’m writing at the moment, so it seemed apropos.

When was the last time you ate chicken meat?

Erm, what a random and strange question. LOL. Okay, last Friday while on vacation I had chicken sliders from Dave and Busters in Kansas City, MO.

List the songs you listened to recently.

Right now, I'm listening to the playlist for my WIP. There are over 50 titles, but here's the first ten. Lots of mood pieces to reflect the gothic and melancholy tone of the story.

The Crow & The Butterfly - Shinedown
Serenity - Lisa Gerrard
Scary Fragile - Butterfly Boucher
Sigh of Relief - Arcana
Familiar Taste of Poison - Halestorm
Gothic Winter - Nox Arcana
Stronger - 30 Seconds to Mars
Libera Me - Elliot Goldenthal
The Lonely - Christina Perri
Lullaby - Christian Henson

What were you thinking as you were doing this?


Do you have nicknames?

Husband calls me Wif. I’m Kumquat to the gals in my crit group due to a comment an angel-reader made when she came to one of our sessions upon our request. That was an interesting experience and a post for another time…

Father-in-law calls me Blondie. And I’ll always be my Dad’s butter gert, because I used to LOVE butter (back when I had a kid’s metabolism—heh). 

Tag eight Blogger friends.

(And just so no one reads anything into the listing order, they’re alphabetical. Ha. No partiality here, folks.)

1. Angela
2. Ashley Nixon
3. Bethany
4. Cherie
5. Jenny Phresh
6. Marewolf
7. Mary

8. Mindy

Who's listed at number 1?

Angela. One of the things that drew me to her blog is her honesty, positivity, and adorable profile picture. Hee. I’m not a creeper, I swear. She just looks so sweet and approachable, and that’s exactly how her posts are written and why she’s one of my fave blogger pals. Check out this post if you don't believe me.

Say something about number 5.

Jenny, my pony of many hats (aka Phresh, Pony Girl, Grocery Cart Activist, Goat Herder Extraordinaire and the list goes on…). What can I say about someone so unique and wonderful? When I found her blog from Query Tracker, all it took was reading this one post and I was hooked. Jenny doesn’t see the world through rose colored glasses; she sees it through a kaleidoscope: a dazzling and dithyrambic landscape of emotion, from sardonic and silly to heartrending and poignant. Just when you think you can’t laugh any harder without busting a gut, she’ll flip the same post around to something so beautiful and thought-provoking your eyes fill with tears and your heart melts. That is pure talent and honesty. Okay, so I’m gushing. I can’t help it. I want her to remember this post one day when she’s too rich and famous to remember me. ;)

How did you get to know number 3?

Bethany is my Sound of Music soul sistah. In fact, when she first hopped onto twitter, she sported a Maria profile pic. But now she's gone and got all professional because she's AGENTED (Woot!!) so she's showing off her Shakira locks to the world. Oh, but I digress. I'm supposed to say how we met. Bethany actually found my website from Query Tracker and emailed me, thanking me for the encouragement and support I gave to the other writers there in the threads. Yes folks, she is THAT nice and awesome! I emailed her back, visited her blog, laughed at her delightful wit, and a beautiful friendship was born. :) So, thanks for reaching out, Bethany girl.

How about number 4?

I met the effervescent and sparkly Cherie when she played the first contest I had on this blog.  I hopped over to her profile page (as I’m prone to do when someone I’ve never met comments on mine) and was so impressed by who she is as a person. This post here is only a taste of her giving and generous heart, which is what keeps me following her to this day. She is a giver: writing tips, funny comics to make us smile, twitter tips, and glimpses of her amazing prose and positive outlook on life, just to name a few. Cherie is a classy and elegant lady who blesses everyone she meets. BTW, loving the soundtrack on your blog of late, my dear.

Leave a message for number 6.

Marewolf, my witty and candid friend. Thank you for always making me smile with your sarcastic yet informative posts. Also, I’ll never look at foreplay the same again because of you. And anyone reading this with your mind in the gutter and making naughty assumptions, have a look at this post. Now that I’ve cleared that up, it’s safe for me to say that I love you, blog sister.

Leave a lovey-dovey message for number 2.

You mean, even mushier than the one I left above for Mare? Jeeps … this is about to get really embarrassing. Ashley, you’re beautiful, sweet, and radiant! If I had eight legs and a set of spinnerets, I’d write it in web all across your blog! Also, reading your posts makes me feel young again and your pirate heroes are VERY hawt. Hee. Lastly, I envy you your new car even though you deserve it because of the aforementioned attributes. Is that mushy enough?

Do number 7 and number 8 have any similarities?

They are both aces with rolling out the writer interviews and networking. Their blogs are always fun and informative. And they’re also two of my fave twitter pals (which honestly could be said about all of my tagees -- er, except Ashley. Ashley, get your bootie over to twitter!). ;)

Woohoo! I survived, hopefully unscathed though I’m blushing from all of my confessions and gushings. Good luck to everyone I tagged. If you've already been tagged for this meme, no probs. I can’t wait to see your answers either way. Oh, and if you don't feel like doing the meme, that's fine too. I'll still like you all the same.

If I didn’t get you this time around, be on your toes! I’ve been tagged w/another meme recently by the brilliant Carissa -- our resident bathing daredevil -- which I will be posting within the next few weeks or so. For now, happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Awww! Ms. Phresh just about had me in tears with her blog post, and then I come over here and read this . . . Seriously, my cup runneth over!

    That was so sweet of you to include me in your list. I feel incredibly honored to be in the company of such talented writers :o)

    Thank you so much for your kind words. You are just so wonderful, Anita. There are no other words to describe you.

  2. My heart is singing right now. And yes, it's a mash-up of a Journey favorite and something from THE SOUND OF MUSIC.

    You are such a love bug. All those things you wrote about all of us are reflected right back from you!

    (Can I just copy & paste what you said about the goat girls for my blog??...)

  3. What a sweet blog post, Anita, and a fun meme! I'm still getting caught up with the blog awards (just created a page on my blog with each one). I will try to get to this shortly.


  4. ANITA! You are the sweetest and nicest pal...I am a little overwhelmed at your kind words for me. I truly consider you the glue that brought our gang together...where would we all be without marvelous and magical YOU?

    My cup runneth over with memes so I'd better get cracking. Maybe I should eat some "chicken meat" today so I have something to say on the matter? Maybe I will have to warp this meme to my own shady purposes. hrrhm.

  5. I was all 'nice use of 'apropos' in casual conversation' but then you threw out the word dithyrambic and I was like. . . I do not even know what that means. And I call myself a writer (on the internet).

    Can you feel the love in this post? I can. Not inappropriately or anything.

  6. Wow. You had CHICKEN SLIDERS?

    Hehhe. Tease.

    Anita, I remember that contest. It was funny too 'cause I didn't quite GET the rules at first, and you were so nice and encouraging to let me try again. I was really, really new at blogging then (still had the plastic wrap stuck around my neck) and I was really nervous. But you made me feel welcomed and I was able to breathe again. To this day, every time I talk to my mom, she asks me how YOU are doing. LOL! Your sweet and kind spirit reaches out far and wide (all the way to the Philippines, booyah!)

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you. <3

  7. This was such a sweet post I can't wait to add everyone to my blogroll! Also, I wanted to comment on the 'Soldier' post below too, so moving! I read it the other night and was really inspired by it :)

  8. Oh, and I just wanna add: That wallpaper pic is rockin'! Very, very cool.

  9. You are the sweetest person!!! I love that you find something wonderful to say about everyone. ;-) Great meme, and body dysmorphic disorder? I hope not because you are BEEEEUUUUTIFUL. ;-)

  10. Angela~ Of course you'd be included! I was telling Michelle on twitter that I almost tagged her then realized she'd already done this one. It would've been #goatlove day here in Madness land. :) And thank you for your sweet words, too, my friend.

    Rookstar~ Awww! I'm so glad I could make your heart sing. And wow, that must be some interesting tune. Trying to imagine how Steve Perry and Julie Andrews would sound together. Hmm. And sure! Feel free to plagiarize my post. I don't mind a bit. LOL

    Mary~ No rush, lovely friend. I'm backed up for months w/award and meme posts. You have to fit your own stuff in there, too, you know? ;)

    Pony girl~ Awww! Thanks for your nicenesses, too, luvie. But you're the founder of goatland, not me! I can't take credit for that brilliant brainchild. :) Yes, do eat some chicken, pronto! Looking forward to your wacky warpification of the meme.

    Sophia~ Helloooo! Thanks ever so for tagging me so I could partake in the fun festivities! Oh, and I only know the fancy words because I've used them in MSS at some time or other. Believe me, there are many words out there that make me draw a blank. You are not alone. And yes! The best love fests are the appropriate kinds. Heh

    Cherie~ Sliders ROCK! LOL. Yes, I remember thinking how beautiful and exotic you looked in your profile pic. So I was dying of curiosity and cyber stalked you. Hee. That's so amazingly sweet about your mom!! Awww. I love that. And thanks about the wallpaper pic. It is very creepy cool, yes?

    Kerri~ aka twinkie ... heeehee. These are some great bloggers to follow, my sistah. And I'm so glad you liked the fourth of July post. I'll relay your kindness to the poem's author.

    Huntress~ Thank you! I love those songs!

    Jessie lou~ Hey girlie! Thank you! I kind of wanted to include a certain someone else so I could send her some blog love... Hmm. Heehee. And LOL About the disorder. I'm probably more OC than anything else. And you're sooooo awesome to say that, BTW. Even if you did mispell it the first time. LOL!

  11. I usually use wallpaper that ties in with what I’m writing at the moment, so it seemed apropos.
    I do that! I like this one too -- shiny!

    For some reason these things always include the super inane questions. It's like we actually want to know the other stuff, but then they throw in a question about eating chicken just to be absurd.

    And yet, I kinda like those ones too. :D

  12. Thanks for sharing, for introducing me to a few new bloggers, and for letting me know your connection to a few I'm already a fan of!

  13. That is so awesome!! I love it - what a great and random bit of questions. Totally my style.

    Since I'm writing, I won't get around to responding to this anytime soon, but I'll backlog it for future reference.

    I mean, who doesn't want to know more about me? :)

  14. LOVE the Phantom of the Opera. And I always laugh when anyone makes an allusion to the squirrel.

  15. I love you, too! *sniff*

    Sorry took so long to respond to this, but I LOVE IT! And I wanted to sit down and read it over real good (other than the brief glance I got this morning while at work) ;)

    I can't wait to do my own little meme for you you :)

    And who the heck am I going to tag? I think you tagged everyone I know! lol!

    And I think Pony is correct in saying you are the glue that holds us together. Where would we be without our love for the great and powerful Anita? (not to be confused with the great and powerful Oz, who is really just a little old dude behind a curtain with access to lots of special effect).

    Heart you my goat sister!

  16. Katey~ Hey girl. Why am I not surprised about our shared background eccentricities? Great minds and all that rot! That pic is pretty awesome blown up huge across my screen. You know, I was going to tag you for this meme, but I wasn't sure if you liked doing them or not. Hmm. I might get you next time around. Thanks for stopping in!

    Sarah~ Sure! They're a great bunch of gals, aren't they? :)

    Mindy~ No probs! Take all the time you need. And heck yeah, we ALL want to find out what makes the BBC tick. ;)

    Lori~ I know, it's one of my fave stories. Have you read Phantom by Susan Kay? If you love the original, you'll adore it. It picks up at the beginning of Erik's life and shows you why he turns out like he does. So well written, too.

    Mare~ No worries, luvie! I can't wait to see your Meme! Sorry I used all the goat girls ... or at least most of them. Hee. LOL about Oz! You know, I thought I saw a flying monkey swoop by here earlier. Hmm. And <3 <3 hoof-heart you right back!

  17. Aww!! I'm so excited!! I'm sad I can't tag you or Cherie though, lol! I'll have my chance!!

    And I know. :/ Twitter isn't my thing! I'll learn it though!! That'll be my goal for this coming school year.

  18. It's okay, Ashley. Twitter is very much a time suck (even tho it's fun) and you're VERY busy already. Maybe wait until you're out of school. HEH.