Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fun for Me-me = Free Books for You-you!

First, a quick promo for all of my zombunny loving compatriots: If you enjoyed Clive the Bloodsucking Pygmy Goat...

And his silent adventures on my blog over a week ago, please hop over to Michelle’s poll and check out the other entries for the zombunny prize. No matter who you vote for, just please vote! Plus, while you’re there, explore Michelle’s awesome blog. She’s not only crafty, but also has a green thumb and writes beautifully. Her blog has something for everyone!

Onto the meme/book give-away contest. My cake-worshipping blogster Carissa tagged me with a fabulous meme, and then my pal Colin from twitter did the same. So, twice tagged is twice blessed. :)

But the blessings don't stop there my book-loving friends, because this meme will take a very lucrative turn for you in the end…

Off we go (and disregard the strange highlighted letters for the moment, you'll understand their purpose later)!

1.      If you were a vampire, which celebrity would you first sink your teeth into?

 Kristen Stewart, of course. All the cool vampires want to sample Bella’s fragrant blood. ;)

2.      What’s your middle name? No, not your real middle name, your MIDDLE name.

Jelly Bean. And I refuse to explain, so have fun conjecturing. Heh.

3.      You’re stranded on an island. There’s a monkey with you there, but he’s not too chatty. You also have a ball at your disposal. A ship passes by, but it’s daylight. How will you attract their attention?

Who said anything about attracting attention? Why would I want to escape? I have a Monkey who’s useless for company and a big bouncy ball. I have everything I need to stay occupied and in shape for the rest of my castaway life.

4.      What are you secretly afraid of? And what are you REALLY afraid of?

Never having my books in print.

Waking up one day to realize I’ve been kidding myself and I CAN’T write AT ALL. EEPS.

5.      Describe your best friend in five words.

I have two besties, so this is both of them combined: Effervescent, Irreverent, Cheerleader, Mobster, Funny.

6.      What’s your current favorite song? What about the annoying one stuck in your head?

Fave: Every Car You Chase – A remix of Sting’s Every Breath You Take and Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars. One of the best mash-ups I’ve ever heard.

Most annoying ear worm: That irritating opening song from The Nanny.

7.      What’s the last movie you watched? Was it good? (Fishing for recommendations.)

Battle: Los Angeles. (It was hubbie’s night to pick--heh.) It was okay. Wreaked a little of Independence Day, which I thought was much better. For an excellent movie, I’d recommend The Fall. Beautiful cinematography, unique and emotional storyline, and superb acting.


Here’s where I cheat. Instead of tagging anyone, I’m turning this into a CONTEST!! Each of you will have an opportunity to win one of these three books:

And I’ll even stick in some fancy brand spankin’ new bookmarks from my crit partners’ newest releases:

Here’s how you get into the drawing: I’ve spelled out a four-word movie/play title in the above answers. You can find it by looking for the highlighted letters then unscrambling them.

 Here are the clues:

 I’m giving the first word of the title away since it’s only one letter: A

Second word can be found in both the question and answer part of #3.

Third word is in the answer of #4.

And fourth word is in the answer of #5.

Want another hint? Here’s the premise of the story:

A wacky tale where everyone is besotted with each other, but the wrong way around. They live happily ever after once they're paired off correctly.

And here’s a little known tidbit about the author. He wrote his own epitaph:

Good friend for Jesus' sake forbear,
To dig the dust enclosed here:
Blest be the man that spares these stones,
And curst be he that moves my bones.

Anyone who figures out the title of the movie/play can either DM me on twitter or email me here: anita(at)aghoward(dot)com. Good luck!

*PLEASE don’t leave your answer in the comments.* We want to give everyone a fair shake at figuring this out. All of the right answers will go into a drawing.

The contest will run until Thursday (August 4), 11:59pm central. I’ll announce the three winners on Friday.

Until then, have a great rest of the week!


  1. I always love your meme answers! A bit too tired to attempt contest questions though. O.0 Looks fun, can't wait to try it out! Where can I hear that mash up though?!?!?!

    And now I leave you with this...She was working in a bridal shop in Flushing, Queens til her boyfriend kicked her out in one of those crushing scenes.

    Hehe...stuck in your head yet (used to love that show).

  2. Why am I oddly fond of Clive the Bloodsucking Pygmy Goat? lol

    And the 'Bones of Faerie' has me intrigued!

    PS - I love the way you cheat! ;)

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  4. Mandie~ Hey girl! Thanks. If you click on the song title, it will take you to the video on Youtube. I'll hop over to twitter in a minute and share the link w/you there, too.

    Sophie~ My nicey pants friend is back! SWEET. Yeah, the Bones of Faerie is a pretty cool one. And I'm so happy someone appreciates my rebellious side. Hee

    Jessie~ Ha! Yes, the mobster part belongs to the other bestie. As does the irreverence. But you're both funny! Oh, and I had to delete your answer because you unwittingly guessed it right! Haha. So now you're in the drawing...

  5. Haha! Took me a while, but I got it! You're so darn creative ;o) Loved your meme answers, by the way . . . lol. :o)

  6. I love Clive! And I love you ;)

    Ok, hopefully I won't blunder this time with your contest. Off to think, think, think...


  7. Check your email. I better win one of these books or you will take a concrete nap with the fishes, capiche? (#5 makes me smile).

    That has GOT TO BE the best mash-up in the history of mash-ups! YOW!! And big head nods on the most annoying...although, I contend that the camera commercial with the baby on it is right up there, too. "I've got a brand new pair of roller skates..." BLACH! SHUT UP, you DUMB BABY!

  8. Angela~ Great job! You're in the running. And thanks for the nice words. You're da best! :)

    Cherie~ Awww, and I love you, too, my friend! You didn't blunder it at all, and now you're name is in the drawing! Good job!

    Bethany~ Heehee. I thought you'd like that one. Eek! No naps with the fishies please! Here's hoping you WIN. LOL. And now I've got to go find that commercial w/the baby. I don't remember that one!


    The annoying baby commercial

  10. Mwah! That was awesome! And I was wondering WTH was up with the highlighted letters! What a great idea!! I <3 You Anita! :D

  11. Ooh, emailed you! The books look like fun!

  12. Anita - please forgive me. With my children home for summer, the moment I read 'strandad on an island' I stopped reading and slipped into a wonderful imaginary world of solitary bliss. I promise to come back and take a spin at the contest the second Caine and Able finish battling to the point of exhaustion. Great post!

  13. Bethany~ Thanks for the linkage. I watched it and thought it was cute! But, I haven't seen it some fifty times in a row, either. I can see how that would be one that would grate after about the fourth or fifth time. Heh.

    Carissa~ Thanks girl! And I had fun with the Meme, too. :)

    Melodie, you're in the running! Thanks for playing. :)

    Kathryn~ Haha. No worries. I understand kiddos being distractions. They're a welcome distraction, though. So enjoy. The school year will be here soon enough. And Cain and Able, huh? LOL. That's priceless.

  14. ooo! I know I know I know!

    And your middle name is Jelly Bean? LOL! *snort* I guess mine would be chocolate. ;p


  15. I'm working on this one! How fun, Anita. You're always so clever. :)

  16. Leigh~ LOL. Hmm. Chocolate is actually more my middle name now than jelly bean. My taste has certainly changed as an adult! ;)

    Mary~ Hi my friend! Thanks. :) I hope you figure it out! Would love to have you in the drawing.

  17. Okay, I am GOING to figure this out in the next 8 hours, dammit! I AM!

    Yeah. That. For sure.

    Awesome contest, and dude, I LOVE Every Car You Chase. I don't usually do mashups but someone sent me that and... dude. Yeah. <3

  18. super excited to get bones of fairie. The cover is SOO cool. I'm curious to see how many people got it :)

  19. can't figure this out. oh well...

  20. I absolutely LOVE The Fall! This is the one movie I always recommend when someone asks me for movie recs.

    I'm so glad you did a little anagram puzzle for this giveaway. This is much funner than just comment or follow me for a chance to win. :)

  21. I don't think I've ever even heard of The Fall, so I will definitely check it out! And I was WONDERING why all those words were shaded weird... You are so creative.. :)