Monday, August 22, 2011

Posie & Mosey Monday

On Mondays, I like to share word posies with my readers. Comments are disabled so you can enjoy this gift of poetry then mosey on along to your list of daily do's.*

Today, I have a treat. A new acquaintance from twitter, @dlcorb, has offered to let me display his gorgeous artwork and one of his poems here. If you enjoy them, please hop over to his blog by clicking on his twitter handle above and let him know.

Also, be sure to visit again Wednesday, my interactive blogging day of the week. Until then, have a lovely and productive Monday and Tuesday.

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  ~David Corbet

Grey horses gallop across the sky
            Splattering the plebian village below
            With foam and spittle
I dip my hand in wine
            Covered in blood, I retreat from truth
            Pseudologos masked in words of love
The last train left me standing
            Cold and wet, riding alone one
            Dark horse, truth forgotten
Run the wild streets screaming
            “All is lost! All is lost!”
            The night descends on all
I turn away, my love, back away
            Forget the joy, the love
            Dream of fools and jolly giants