Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Keep the heartlight burning...

Hmmm. So I guest blogged today about why writers sometimes leave their agents.

Then I saw this VERY infomative and interesting parallel by a well known and respected agent who explains why agents sometimes choose to leave their clients.

It all comes down to compatibility--vision wise, career wise, and personality wise for both parties.

My hope for us all: that we'll each find (or have found) our literary soulmate, and that the passion will burn bright and strong and eternal until the day we pen our very last word.

Sigh. I can't help myself ... I'm a romantic at heart. ;-)


  1. You know, I saw that too and thought - wow, it's like serendipity with Anita's post. Nice.

  2. So cool, right? Found it on Jenny B's twitter. :-)

  3. Great posts! And I love the sentiment of your "hope for us all."


  4. I'm pretty sure I heard this in a Bangles song


  5. Thanks Kathy! And that sentiment is sincere, you know. :-)

    Bethany~ Ha! Either that, or Neil Diamond. ^.^