Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Publishing 101

I'm concentrating on my WIP today, so we'll make this short and sweet...

If you've ever wondered about the importance of foreign rights to a writer's career, there's an intriguing and surprising post about that here. AJ Hartley is a USA Today and NYT best-selling author whose savvy agent sold his first book to foreign countries while the US was trying to decide whether or not they even wanted it. I love stories like this that both inspire and teach you a thing or two about the biz.

Also, please join Rachel Harris for an interview with successful YA author, Holly Schindler, who talks about trying her hand at Middle Grade books.  Rachel is having a giveaway, so if you like freebies, head over there to have a look.

Hope everyone has a productive Tuesday! I'm off to write.


  1. good luck with the writing and thanks for the heads up! I have wondered about how important are foreign rights before... :D <3

  2. I'm off to write too, but thanks for the links, very interesting stuff!

  3. Yes get those WIPs done! I want to read them :-) And thank you for the shoutout along with the very interesting article link. Very cool stuff, I love reading about the biz side of things!

  4. I hope one day to worry about such things! ;) Thanks for your wonderful comment on my post today.

    Nina B

  5. Oooh, can't wait to check out that link! I'm feeling some good vibes!!! *grin*

  6. Hey guys! Thanks for dropping by! Yeah, I know NOTHING about foreign rights, so I figured I'd better start getting out there and learning. And I'm still confused! LOL

    But every day brings new hope for clarity. ;-)

    You're welcome, Nina! It was a great post!

  7. And Jessie, I hope you're posting tomorrow! I'm going to be watching you. Heehee