Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Peek at my Editing Timeline, and a Mega Giveaway of EPIC Proportions!!!

Sorry I've been MIA in the blogasphere and twitter for awhile.

Here's why:

Ever since my publisher bumped up my launch from Spring 2013 to Fall 2012, it’s been pretty much non-stop editing with only 2 - 4 weeks between stints. Want a peek at my schedule over the past few months?

11/1/2011 - Received Content Edit letter w/ six week deadline
12/12/2011 - Turned in content edits
12/23/2011 - Received Line Edits w/ two week deadline
1/5/2012 - Turned in line edits
2/8/2012 - Received Copyedits w/ two week deadline
2/21/2012 - Turned in copyedits

For the record, during those in between stints, I was either holidaying w/friends and family, doing the mommy/wife gig, or writing out three book proposals for my editor to choose from for book 2 of my contract .

FYI, once I finally get done w/all the edits and hit the printing presses, I plan to have a post about the evolution of a MS, from the publisher's offer being accepted to the making of a real book, complete with my own personal timeline and a more in-depth description of the editing phases (I might even include visual aids...hee). So be watching for it!

Now, onto the contest part of today's post: There's an amazing giveaway including signed ARCs, books, and tons of swag up for grabs, taking place over at YA Books Central!

Our own authors over at ADR3NALIN3 donated this EPIC prize package to the giveaway...

The ADR3 pack includes:

 - Jordan Dane: ON A DARK WING autographed paperback and a snack pack inspired by her main character.

- Ilsa J. Bick: DROWNING INSTINCT and ASHES autographed hardbacks

- Wendy Corsi Staub: LILY DALE: AWAKENING autographed hardback

- Jennifer Archer: THROUGH HER EYES authographed hardback

- Chris Grabenstein: CURIOSITY CAT autographed paperback and assorted bookmarks

- Dan Haring: OLDSOUL autographed ARC

- Carol M. Tanzman: DANCERGIRL autographed paperback

- Brett Battles: HERE COMES MR. TROUBLE autographed paperback

- A.G. Howard: A creepy Alice in Wonderland themed journal, ribbon bookmark, and a signed bookplate, in homage to SPLINTERED, her upcoming YA Alice in Wonderland spinoff

For a shot at winning this pack -- OR t-shirts, lanyards, temporary tattoos, SIGNED books, SIGNED bookmarks and bookplates, magnets, felt coffee sleeves, shuriken hair clips, a USB flash drive, bracelets, pens, notepads, keychains, and more -- hop over to YA Books Central and get the deets!

Good luck! Thanks for stopping by, and see you next week. :)


  1. So happy you made it through all those edits--I thought for sure we were going to have to grab some shovels and start digging ;o) Seriously, you've accomplished a lot in the span of three months AND around the holidays nonetheless! Congratulations!

  2. Wow, your scheduling was insane! I hope you get a little bit of a breather now. :)

  3. Wow! O_O You've been working hard! Thanks for the insight into the editing process.

  4. You go girl! We're all out here cheering you on!!

  5. My head would've exploded! No wonder you were silent on the blogsphere! Glad it's over (for book 1) and that we can enjoy basking in your awesomeness again :P

    I can't wait to read about how your MS changed. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Wow! Can't wait to read about the in-depth editing process. Congrats on being done with it.

  7. Angela~ WHEW. Right??? LOL. I added up the total amount of weeks I was actually editing, and it was ten. I was putting in at least 6 hours a day on it ... so, that's almost 500 hours of work. EEK! My house was in a sad state there for a while. LOL

    Kayla~ Thank you! I hope so, too. But I'm actually biting at the bit to start my WIP, so I'm really hoping to hear back from my editor soon as to which story they want. ;) A writer's work is never done, as I'm sure you know!

    Leah~ No problem! I love sharing the experience, because I always wondered myself what goes on once that contract is signed. Now I'm learning... ;)

    Jane~ Thank you, lovely!

    Owlgoat~ Hey cutie! I think my head did explode. I'm still picking up the pieces. LOL.

    Tina~ It's been a very eye-opening experience! And I can't wait to share it in detail. Thanks for coming by!

  8. Very cool swag! I'll be looking forward to your post about the evolution of the MS! That all sounds great. Look at you geaux~ :o) <3

  9. Wow, you've been very busy! I'm impressed!

  10. Busy lady! I don't know how you do it all-- but I guess you really don't have a choice, eh? When there's a deadline, it's a deadline. Glad to have you back (and know that you survived! Whee!)

    <3 ya!

  11. Not that I don't want to hang out and sing your praises, but I'm headed over to YA Books Central to win me that SAWEEEEET basket of goodies :)

    (proud of you and all your hard work, by the way)

  12. Your awesome continues to rock! Although, I've missed you.

  13. You have been one busy little twinkie over there! But...YOU DID IT!!!! You already know how proud I am of you, but it's so worth repeating... YOU ARE MADE OF SO MUCH AWESOME. :)

  14. HI Anita,
    Wanted to let you know that my signed book plate arrived. thanks so much for being part of The Apocalypsies tour.

  15. I don't see "breathe" anywhere on your timeline? Yikes! Very exciting...and yet...I'm pooped for you! Keep up the hard work.

  16. Wow oh wow you've been busy!!! Can't wait for your book!

  17. Leigh~ Thanks, lovely! I'm looking forward to writing that post. :)

    Krista~ But I've enjoyed every second of it. Thank you!

    Cherie Sparkles~ Yep. Deadlines are kind of mandatory. Hee.

    Rookstar~ Go girl go! I hope you win! And thank you, sweetums.

    Kaylie~ Aww, thanks! Missed all of you, too.

    Kerri~ Twinstah! Whew. Thank you! Now I get to wait on pins and needles for the BOOK COVER!! YAY

    Heather~ Hi! So glad it made it to you! And that contest was a blast! Congrats again on winning. :)

    Kathryn~ Breathing is a convenience. Not a necessity. Hehe

    MAndie~ Thank you, lady!

  18. Wow. Just wow. I think most of us have no idea of the work that goes in after you sell your book! Makes me not worry so much about that vaguely awkward sentence I probably have on page 52 (or thereabouts) of my own manuscript. Congrats on getting to a place where you can relax for a bit!

  19. Anita, I'm very curious about that whole editing affair through publication. Do they pick on overused words? Character names? What has been your biggest struggle, other than timeline?

    See...tolja I was curious. :)

  20. You've been busy! I have a feeling...things are going to get crazier!! LOL But it's a crazy we waited a long time for, so it's a pleasurable pain. *grin*

  21. Pony~ LOL. Yes, the line edits will take care of that pesky awkward sentence. Have no fear! And thank you, pal. :)

    Mary~ Long time no see! How have you been? They do pick on character names, but you get the ultimate say in whether or not they stay as is. I didn't notice them picking out overused words, but I'd like to believe that's because I tried to find a lot of them before even sending it out... Here's hoping! LOL. Hardest thing for me was removing my protective "this is my book" side out of the way enough to realize when their suggestions really made sense and made the book better. But I think having critters helped w/that, because I've learned to hone that skill during critiques. :)

    Jessie~ It is a crazy ride, but sooooo worth it! As you well know. Hee.

  22. Wooohoooo!! Welcome back, my friend, and oh my gosh, you have definitely been busy! Congrats on finishing your edits... I hope you had a crazy celebration the day you hit "send" for the last time! :)

  23. Thanks, Anita. Dry spell while my previous laptop decided she was too old to work right. Didn't have the ability to do much on the internet without her crashing. I did my WiP edits on printed-out pages (reused scrap paper). Happy ending: Finished my edits, hubby bought me a new laptop, edits are now completed in WiP! I'll be back on QT soon. Now, I'm going back to some of your old posts on trailer creation.

  24. LIsa~ Thanks! Although I'll probably disappear again once it's time to work on the WIP. I'm worried it's going to be down to the wire on that one... And I DID celebrate! Had the family take me out to dinner. LOL

    Mary~ Glad to hear you've got a new laptop! I'd be lost w/out my computer, for sure. Let me know if you have any trailer questions I can help with!

  25. That is one hell of a schedule, woman. You completely rule. Good luck with the WIP now <3

  26. Hey Katey pal! Yeah, it's been crazy. But I hopped over to your blog earlier and you put me to shame! How do juggle so many projects at once? And thanks for the luck wishes on my WIP. ;) I'll need it. LOL