Monday, February 20, 2012

Posie & Mosey Monday

On Mondays, I share word posies with my readers. Comments are disabled so you can enjoy this gift of poetry then mosey on along to your list of daily do's.*

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~Isabella Holt

HE is gone with his blue eyes,
Whom I love most,--
Gone among the cliffs and fog
On a far coast,--
He who scatters wit and pride
From his keen tongue,
He who finds himself so deep
And is so young;--
He whose joy is in sweet words
And kindliness,--
Whom old men love, and little boys
No whit the less. . . .
Rooms are silent that were glad
Seven days ago.
I can feel across my heart
The great tides flow.
Love, the blind importunate,
Craves touch and sight;
Briefly parting, feels and fears
Eternal night.
Fear is sweeping on the wind
Like acrid foam.
I have said farewell to peace
Till he comes home.


  1. Beautiful, simply, beautiful!

  2. Isn't it lovely? Thanks for stopping by, Jack! Hope you have a wonderful Monday!